Swimming Pools Start to Reopen

Simon Shaw

Swimming is coming back

After 16 weeks of lockdown swimming pools are finally beginning to reopen. Sadly this is not happening as fast as we would have hoped and as yet Bucks Council and Places Leisure have not agreed a date for opening Wycombe Leisure Centre or Risborough Springs. We will let you know as soon as we are able to train there again but at this stage we have no date or allocated time agreed.

On the plus side Wycombe Rye Lido is open.  Unfortunately they will not accept club bookings and are only open for adult lane swimming. If you are over 16 and wish to swim there independently you can find information here. https://www.fusion-lifestyle.com/centres/wycombe-rye-lido/. The cost is £8 for 50 minutes.  Please speak to your coach if you are thinking of doing any serious training.

Through the efforts of our Coaches the club have managed to secure a small amount of time at a school pool that is available before the end of July. We will be using this initially to trial our return to swimming protocols with some of our senior swimmers. Swimming will not be like it was and a serious amount of work has gone into assessing risks of COVID transmission and devising protocols for eliminating those risks. Our plans for the sessions are detailed and will involve many changes to the way we arrive, operate and leave. More information is coming soon.

Before any swimmers return we will be asking them to attend an online briefing of the protocols. They will then be asked to register on Team Unify for the return to training. Registration is only for swimmers who have been selected and assigned a training place in the new programme. Please do not register any other swimmers as this will be rejected.   They will not be allocated a space and may result in you being charged for a space you do not have.

Registration will involve a medical information update along with a declaration that you have understood the new rules and will comply. This is all in line with Swim England recommendations.

Places are being allocated based on the responses from the ‘return to swimming survey’ that was previously issued; only swimmers with paid up accounts who asked to return in the survey responses will be allocated places initially. If you have not kept up payments during lockdown or completed the survey then please contact the club before attempting to return.

Members should also note that because of the restrictions, the swimming training programme will change, session times and lane allocations will be different to when we last swam in March. Until we are able to restart all swimmers, online training will continue and for land training it may continue for some time yet. You can expect a gradual reduction or phasing out of the online activities, rather than an immediate stop, as swimming gradually returns.

Please keep watching your emails for more information.

On behalf of all the members the club's directors would like to thank the coaches and our other volunteers for all their incredible efforts during the lockdown period. We would also like to thank you for staying with us and supporting the team. We look forward to seeing you soon.