Data Records

Version date: 16 October 2021

REN96 holds all swimming information on computer. This data covers each swimmer’s personal details: name, address, telephone number, date of birth, squad and the swimmer’s S.A.S.A. membership number.  

The Data Protection Act (1998), which covers all data stored by electronic means, allows the individual to object to the electronic storage of their personal details. It also allows the individual to examine their personal records held in the computer should they wish to do so.  

If you object to the electronic storage of your personal details on computer please contact the Membership Secretary in writing before 14 days have passed since applying for membership. On receiving your objection all records will be removed from the computer as in accordance with the Data Protection Act. However, if no objection is received the data will stay on the computer for as long as you remain a member of REN 96 or until such time that you indicate you wish the records to be removed.  

Also stored on the computer will be the swimmer’s competitive details.  

Access to records is restricted to Committee Members of REN96 only and information stored will be purely for the use of the Swimming Club. 

If you are a new member with accredited times you will have received a PB record form with your New Membership Form. Your competitive details should be filled out on the Computer Records form listing all of your Personal Best times(PB’s). 

N.B. The Club has the right to ask for proof of these times, including date of swim (or year if exact date is unknown).