Established 1896

Affiliated Nottinghamshire, East Midland District Swim England.


All questions, requests for information or any other matter relating to the 100 Club, should be referred to the 100 Club administrator, this can be done either by the club desk or by contacting Christine Petley here

A full list of rules regarding the 100 Club can be downloaded here.

Latest Results

Congratulations Here are the winners for the 100 Club Lottery Draw for July and August.

July 1st - No 57 - Graham Allen 2nd - No 76 - Ian Johnstone 3rd - No 88 - Stephen Cobb (Isobel)

August 1st - No 53 - Michael Babenko 2nd - No 52 - Joanne Hinitt 3rd - No 41 - Helen Crossley

Congratulations to all. Winnings can be collected from the club desk. Anyone wishing to join our Club Lottery please let us know. All proceeds go towards running the club with expenses such as pool hire, purchasing of trophies for club champs, all for the benefit of our swimmers.

Remember you have to be in it to win it!!