Established 1896

Affiliated Nottinghamshire, East Midland District Swim England.

Coaching and Officials

Quality coaching is at the heart of Retford Swimming Club - we are very proud of the quality of our sessions and our group of coaches, led by our Director of Swimming, Simon Ferrarelli, and the Head Coach, Georgina Hobson-Corbett. Alongside several fully qualified coaching staff, we have a large group of volunteers and young helpers, who ensure our sessions run smoothly. We actively encourage our swimmers to get involved with helping on the poolside and progress through their ASA Coaching qualifications.

We also have a group of fully qualified swimming officials, including timekeepers, judges and referees. As well as these, we also rely on the help and support of many other people for the smooth running of galas, Open Meets, and Club administration.

If you're interested in helping out at the Club, we're always looking for new volunteers and helpers - there's bound to be a role to suit you. Please get in touch with us and express your interest!