Established 1896

Affiliated Nottinghamshire, East Midland District Swim England.

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Club Championships


Club Championships 2020

We are pleased we have been able to offer a club championship in 2020 by utilising the Swim England Covid Secure Level X structure, the club has not missed a yearly championships since 1945 and we are determined 2020 would not be missed. Of course, it will be slightly different, but the main aim will be every swimmer in the club can race and record a time.

A full list of results from each session on Wednesday 30th December can be found below:-

Session 1 Results

Session 2 Results

A full list of results from each sesson on Saturday 15th May can be found below:-

Session 3 Results

Session 4 Results

The final points standing can be found here


Home Galas

We usually run one or two home galas/time trials throughout the year at Retford Leisure Centre. The gala is open to all members to give them a chance to race the distances required for their age group. The main propose of these galas is to

1. Give an opportunity for swimmers to race in a friendly environment who don’t normally race or a chance to race and improve their time for events that they might not normally swim

2. Give an opportunity for 7- 8 year olds to race

Our next home galas are:

28th September 2019 - Results can be viewed here or downloaded here

8th February 2020 -Results can be viewed 

26th June 2021 - Results can be viewed here

18th September 2021 - Results can be downloaded here