SwimMark Club


The minimum age for membership is five years. Each swimmer is placed in a group according to his/her ability. Non-swimmers and improvers begin in the teaching pool, as they progress through the learning stages the competent swimmers will be placed in the intermediate training group or the advanced level training group.

Progression through the stages is determined by the teacher, based on achieving the standards in the ASA Learn to Swim Pathway

The Club uses the ASA Learn to Swim Framework for stages 1-7. To understand the stages please use the following links

Stage 1  Stage 2  Stage 3  Stage 4  Stage 5  Stage 6  Stage 7 

For Stages 8-10 the ASA Aquatic Skills Framework is utilised.


It is important to note that Swimmers make more progress if they attend regularly. It also ensures that we maintain our teacher/pupil ratios, manage the waiting list and promote group unity.

Swimmers are asked to attend the same session(s) each week. Should you wish for your child to attend additional sessions or transfer to another session, please consult with your child's teacher.