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Radcliffe Swimming and Water Polo Club Cups, Shields and Trophies


1899 The Andrew Greenhalgh Challenge Cup

1902 The Holt and Walsh Junior Challenge Cup

1908 The Perpetual Life Saving Challenge Cup

1920 Radcliffe Swimming Club Challenge Cup also known as The George Mills Cup

1926 Ladies Lifesaving Challenge Cup 

1934 A. Morris Junior Ladies Championship

1948 Davenport Breaststroke Speed Trophy and The H. Davenport Trophy

1961 The Pearce Trophy

1962 Gaskell Memorial Trophy

1963 Mrs A. Micklewright Memorial Trophy

1967 Peter Sillett Individual Medley Championship

         Pauline Sillett Individual Medley Championship

1968 The Robert Tootill Trophy

1969 The Alderman James M. Murphy Trophy

1970 The Ernest Partington Memorial Cup

1975 The Clara Isherwood Shield

1981 The Arthur Berry Cup

1984 The Simister Cup

1991 The W. H. Pearce Memorial Trophy for Men

         The W. H. Pearce Memorial Trophy for Women

1993 The Howarth Shield

1994 The Maureen Stead Memorial Shield

1998 The Kenyon Shield

Stan Owens Memorial Trophy

Joan Dean Memorial Trophy

Centenary Trophies