SwimMark Club

Formal Photo 1976

Summer Olympics: 

Moscow 1980 Swimming


  •  4 x100m Medley Relay (Bronze Medal Winner)

Montreal 1976 Swimming


  •  100m Freestyle Competitor for GB


Other Sporting Success  

Tokyo, Japan 1979 (1st ever Fina World Cup. Represented Europe)

  • Silver Medal Winner in 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay

Commonwealth Games Edmonton 1978

  • Silver Medal Winner in 4 x 100 Medley Relay
  • Bronze Medal Winner in 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay
  • Bronze Medal Winner in 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay

World Championships (LC) Berlin 1978 

  • Bronze Medal Winner in 4 x 100m Medley Relay

European Championships (LC) Jönköping 1977

  • Bronze Medal Winner for GB  in 4 x 100m Medley Relay


Martin Smith Pic2

Memories/anecdote(s) about their Olympics

Montreal 1976 – The most amazing experience of my life.  An awesome spectacle, and the opportunity to meet so many incredibly motivated athletes. I made so many lifelong friends. Danced with gymnast Olga Corbett, hung out with Mark Spitz at a social, and enjoyed watching so many other sporting events including watching track star Lasse Viren winning the 5,000 and 10,000. I walked next to Captain Mark Phillips in the opening ceremony. I spent many hours in the 24 hour cafeterias and experienced so many foods from around the world.

Moscow 1980 – A very different experience. This was another incredible event, but one that was overshadowed by the boycott by several countries.I loved spending time in such a different culture, and must say I developed a fondness for the Russian people. Moscow is both an intriguing and beautiful City, and the local people were warm and friendly. The facilities were state of the art, and I enjoyed the opportunity to compete against the best in the world behind the iron curtain. Winning an Olympic medal in front of the worlds eyes was truly exhilarating and hard to describe. Setting a new British record in my individual event (100 free) was a very proud moment, however, I was disappointed to barely miss out on making the final. I again made some lifelong friends before and during the games. I will also remember this Olympics for the intense security surrounding the Olympic village and the events.


Best piece of advice ever Received

You can do just about anything you want to do, but you have to work your tail off to do it

Achievements and accomplishments are never handed to you.  You have to go out and earn them

Dream big, and NEVER let anyone take away those dreams

Best piece of advice to offer

Life is a game! If your going to play the game, then play big, or don’t play at all.

Be accountable for your actions and your results. Never make excuses, but look for solutions to make things better”