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Pauline Sillett 1966

Summer Olympics:   

TOKYO 1964  

Part of the Great Britain Swimming Team  (Aged 15 - youngest team member)    


  • 400m Individual Freestyle
  • 4 x100m Freestyle

Other Sporting Success

International Swimming 1992 - 1997

European Games 1996 - Utrecht Holland  

  • Bronze                Individual 100 Freestyle
  • Finalist              4x100   Medley Relay
  • Finalist              4x100   Freestyle Relay

Commonwealth Games 1966 - Kingston Jamaica

  • Gold (World Record)     4x110yd Medley Relay
  • Finalist              Individual 110yds Freestyle (Placed 4th same time as 3rd – no electronic timing or medal!)

Vaux Brewery Award 

  •  International representations & success on 1966

Memories/anecdote(s) about their Olympics

Tokyo a 36 hours journey with No Stop Overs.A very long way from home I really missed my family & kept my watch to UK time – always remember even now Tokyo is 9 hours ahead!

Olympic Village Life was amazing, mixing with athletes from all sports. Bicycles to use within the village – leave at destination.Earth Quake experienced, thought I had dreamt it! Dining Rooms for each Cuisine open 24 hours amazing food.Open air 25 m pools for athletes to relax with time to meet other sports GB Team members.

The Opening Ceremony was amazing – people lined the streets all the way from the Athletes Village. Japanese people waving flags and cheering all the way to the Olympic Stadium.Entry to the Stadium was incredible, so much noise, almost deafening, so many people, so many languages, the colour fantastic The excitement  palpable.

The Swimming Pools Competition & Warm up - no swim down then.There were 2 x 50m pools with an enormous spectator area.The air filters looked like cannons.

The competitors waiting area was very nerve racking – especially when I was competing for the very first time in the 400 freestyle – I had been swimming internationals in the 400 Individual Medleys for the last 2years!