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The information about most of the trophies is taken from 'The History of the Radcliffe Swim Club From 1899 to 1999' by Barry Carr, William H. Pearce, Jr. and Alan Pearce. Please email the club website if you would like a copy of the book. If you have any further information about the trophies or about any aspect of the history of the club itself, again, please email the club website.


1899 The Andrew Greenhalgh Challenge Cup

Andrew Greenhalgh presented the first trophy to the club and it was competed for at the very first Club Gala which was held on 26th September 1899. The trophy was often referred to as the Captain’s Cup, as the winner became the club captain for the next season. This was later changed to an elected club captain after the club captain, went to swim for another club against Radcliffe.   


Men competed for the trophy using any stroke, but normally freestyle, over a distance of 100 yards which was later changed to 150 yards, and then to 100 metres when the club moved to the Green Street pool.


Andrew Greenhalgh was the club president from 1905 to 1910 and died in 1912. He was a prominent local businessman who had been involved with the club from the beginning.


1902 The Holt and Walsh Junior Challenge Cup

Holt and Walch was a general store on Church Street, Radcliffe and they presented the club with a cup for boys under 15 years of age. This was to encourage the junior members of the club to compete. The cup was awarded to the winner of a 50 yards freestyle race but is now swam for by boys 16 and under over 100 metres.


1908 The Perpetual Life Saving Challenge Cup

There were a large number of accidental drownings in the Radcliffe area in the clubs early years and so the club took life saving very seriously. Andrew Greenhalgh presented a second trophy to the club to encourage life saving. The initial event involved speed swimming fully clothed, towing subjects and resuscitation techniques. It now consists of a speed swim and a tow.  


1920 Radcliffe Swimming Club Challenge Cup also known as The George Mills Cup

George Mills was president of the club from 1911 to 1925 and was a councillor and later an alderman. He owned the firm George Mills & Co. Ltd Globe Works, a local Radcliffe firm. He donated this trophy in the name of his firm and it became known as the George Mills Cup. It was the first trophy for the ladies and was initially a 50 yards freestyle event. The distance was later increased to 100 metres.  


1926 Ladies Lifesaving Challenge Cup 

The club since its beginning in 1899 had been predominantly male. However by the mid 1920s the ladies section of the club had become more popular. So to help to encourage the section Thomas Boardman the club’s chairman, donated a trophy for ladies lifesaving. Thomas Boardman was chairman of the club from 1899 to 1927 and is often referred to as the ‘Father of the Club’. As a Radcliffe Councillor he helped to promote the building of the first Radcliffe pool in Whittaker Street.



1934 A. Morris Junior Ladies Championship

In 1934 Arthur Morris donated a trophy for girls and it was to be swum over 50 yards (now metres) freestyle. Arthur Morris held a number of positions in the club between 1926 and 1936 including secretary, vice-chairman and chairman.

1948 Davenport Breaststroke Speed Trophy

Harold Davenport presented two trophies to the club in 1948. It is not known who Harold was or how he was connected to the club. One of the trophies was to be competed for by men over 100 yards breaststroke the other trophy, The H. Davenport Trophy, was presented to the fastest Radcliffe school girl’s squadron team.   

1961 The Pearce Trophy

The club championships were for many years only open to members of the club who lived in the Borough of Radcliffe. This meant that many of the swimmers at the club were not able to swim in their own club championships. 

Bill Pearce Senior, as Chairman of the club, tried to have the rule changed but was unsuccessful so he and his son, Dr Alan Pearce, donated a trophy to be competed for over 200 yards (now metres) which would be open to all first claim male swimmers who were members of the club, no matter where they lived.

1962 Gaskell Memorial Trophy

Councillor F. Gaskell donated a cup in memory of his mother. The cup was to be presented to the winner of the ladies100 yards (metres) backstroke.

1963 Mrs A. Micklewright Memorial Trophy

Mrs Annie Micklewright nee Wallwork was a instructor for the club and an excellent swimmer and excelled in life saving. Her brother, Jim Wallwork, who had been involved in the club for many years as a swimmer, water polo player and coach presented a silver bowl to the club in memory of his sister. Annie was an excellent breaststroker and so the bowl was to be for the ladies 100 yards (100 metres) breaststoke.

1967 Peter Sillett Individual Medley Championship

         Pauline Sillett Individual Medley Championship

Len Sillett was club President from 1958 to 1977 and in 1967 he donated two trophies to the club to commemorate the aquatic achievements of Peter, his son and Pauline, his daughter. Peter was an international swimmer and water polo player and Pauline was an international swimmer who completed in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the 1966 Kingston, Jamaica, Commonwealth Games. Peter’s trophy was for boys under 16 and to be swam over 200 yards (metres) Individual Medley and Pauline’s trophy was for girls under 16 of age over 200 yards (metres) Individual Medley, now 100 metres Individual Medley.  

Peter is still involved with the club and is the club President and a life member.

1968 The Robert Tootill Trophy

Robert Tootill was a member of the pool staff for 38 year and he served 28 years as manager. He was a club member for a number of years and was involved in teaching lifesaving. When he retired he donated a trophy for the best overall performance by a male or a female in the Club Championships

1969 The Alderman James M. Murphy Trophy

Alderman James Murphy presented a trophy for the mens 100 metres butterfly.

1970 The Ernest Partington Memorial Cup

The cup was presented in 1970 for the mens100 metres backstroke.

1975 The Clara Isherwood Shield

Clara Isherwood nee Audus held many positions on the club committee. She was vice chair from 1957 – 1969, chair from 1969 to 1977 and president from 1978 to 1987. She swam for the club and won the Mills Cup for Ladies at the 1926 club championships, her first championship victory. Clara  also taught at the club. The shield was used for the ladies 100 metres breaststroke.    

1981 The Arthur Berry Cup

Arthur Berry was associated with the club for a number of years. He was a swimmer and water polo for the club from the 1950s until the 1980s. He was Chairman of the club from 1979 to 1982 and a life member. He donated a trophy for the mens 200 metres individual medley.

1984 The Simister Cup

Eric Simister coached the club swimming team for 19 years from 1970 to 1989. His four children were all members of the club with twins Caroline and Karen becoming international swimmers and life saving champions. The family donated a cup for ladies which was to be competed for over 200metres medley.

1991 The W. H. Pearce Memorial Trophy for Men

         The W. H. Pearce Memorial Trophy for Women


William Henry Pearce was Chairman of the club from 1948 to 1968 and was a competitive swimmer, a water polo player, a swimming teacher and head coach of the club for a number of years after the Second World War


His son, Bill Pearce Junior, has also had a long association with the club as a swimmer, water polo player, coach and administrator and is a life member. In 1991 Bill Junior along with his siblings, Alan, Kenneth and Lynda, presented two trophies to the club in memory of their father. They are for the winners of the mens and womens 50 metres freestyle events.

1993 The Howarth Shield


The Tootill Trophy is awarded to the top swimmer at the club championship. The Howarth Shield is awarded to the person of the opposite sex who has the most points.


1994 The Maureen Stead Memorial Shield


Mrs Stead presented this Shield to the club in memory of her daughter, Maureen, who was a club swimmer. The winner of the 100 metres Individual Medley for girls 14 years and under is awarded the trophy.


1998 The Kenyon Shield


This Shield was presented to the club by Mark Kenyon, who was an R.L.S.S. Life Guard Trainer and coached at the club for a number of years. It is awarded to the swimmer of the year.


Stan Owens Memorial Trophy

Stan Owens was involved with the club for a number of years. He served on the committee as the Central Lancashire delegate and the Manchester and District delegate. Stan became Club President in 1987 and held the position until his death in 2001. Stan would also help out at galas as a time keeper and on the desk.

The club Chair, Sabina Carr, suggested a cup in memory of Stan and the first time it was competed for was in 2002 and was won by Aaron Greenhalgh. The trophy is won by the winner of the 14 years and under 100 metres individual medley. Stan’s daughter, Jane, who also served on the committee for a number of years used to present the trophy at the championships.

Joan Dean Memorial Trophy

Joan Dean was a teacher at the club and this trophy was presented in memory of her. It was to be competed for over 100 metres freestyle and went to the fastest 16 years and under swimmer.

Joan Dean’s husband used to present the trophy at the championship.

Centenary Trophies

To celebrate the new century and 100 years of Radcliffe Swimming club the club presented four new trophies which became known as the Centenary Trophies. They are for the swimmers who obtain the most points in the club championships and are competed for in the 12 and 14 years age groups. There is a trophy for the boys and one for girls in each of the two age groups.