SwimMark Club

By-Laws- Downloadable


  1. Membership is open to all persons aged five years and over
  2. If there are no vacancies within a particular teaching or coaching ability range, then new applicants will be placed on a waiting list. Membership will be offered to those on the waiting list in strict chronological order
  3. Immediate family members of existing members will be offered immediate appropriate membership without having to be placed on the waiting list
  4. Any member who does not attend a club session for a period of five continuous weeks without informing the chief coach or other club official of the reason will, after a written warning, forfeit his/her membership. Re-admission to membership for that year may be granted on application to the Committee.
  5. All members of the swimming club must be registered on our website to be able to receive communication under the new G.D.P.Regulation

Eligibility for Club Championships

To qualify to enter the Club Championships a swimmer must 

  1. have been a member for a period of at least 3 calendar months
  2. attended a club teaching/coaching session on average at least once per week, excluding holidays, injury or illness periods, over those 3 months
  3. have been prepared, where possible, to represent the Club in team events

Eligibility for Shrimps Gala

To qualify to enter the Shrimps Gala a swimmer must be a fully paid up member. 


  1. All members must follow the instructions of the teacher or coach at all times especially if an emergency is declared.
  2. All members must not enter the water unless a teacher or coach has given them permission to do so.
  3. If members are not swimming, they must at all times behave responsibly in all parts of the Swimming Baths and not cause a nuisance to other members, parents or other Baths users.
  4. Members representing the Club, either in an individual or team capacity, must always act in a responsible manner. They should obey the instructions of the team manager and coaches, obey the instructions of the gala officials and support the other individual or team members.


For all swimming and coaching sessions members must wear regulation swimming costumes or trunks. Jewellery and watches should not be worn. Swim caps should be worn. The Club colours are red, black and white. When representing the Club in any capacity members should wear club costumes or trunks and, where necessary, club hats.

Teachers, Coaches and Helpers must also wear swimming club shirts when on the poolside for health and safety reasons and under instruction of the centre’s booking rules.


Members winning any of the Club’s trophies must keep them in good condition and return them for engraving when requested or at least 4 weeks before the next Club Championships. Trophies can only be held by current club members.


The Chief Coach will be responsible for nominating the male and female Club Captains at the beginning of each year, these nominations must be approved at the January Committee Meeting. The duties of the team captains are

  1. To represent the swimmers as ex-officio members of the Committee
  2. To be a positive role model for all members of the club.
  3. To captain the club teams at gala events
  4. To provide a voice for athletes at the club and raise any issues to the committee when necessary.
  5. To welcome new members to the club.
  6. To generally help, assist and encourage the other members of the Club in the competitive activities of the Club.

Club Committee

The Chairperson of the club will make sure that;

  1. All the business is discussed
  2. Everyone’s views are heard
  3. Clear decisions are reached
  4. Aim to draw a balance between hearing everyone’s views and getting through the business
  5. They never use their position as chair as an opportunity to put forward their views to the exclusion of others.

Club A.G.M Eligibility

Everyone is eligable to attend the A.G.M each year but please note only paid up members who have reached their 16th birthday shall be entitled to be heard and to vote on all matters. Members who have not reached their 16th birthday shall be entitled to be heard and vote ONLY on those matters determined by the Chair of the meting as matters concerning juniors. These will be indicated by the chair at the time of proposal.

NOTE These by-laws complement the Club’s Constitution