SwimMark Club


  1. Swimmers must be fully paid up members of the Club which includes ASA Category 1 Membership.
  2. Selection will be at the discretion of the Team Manager and Head Coach and based on the following.
  3. The Team Manager and Head Coach will select swimmers based on the following: -
    • A swimmers registered time for the event
    • A registered time must be recorded at an Official ASA Event, Club Gala or a time registered by the Head Coach or appointed representative and be recorded on the club database.
    • The swimmer must be able to swim the stroke in accordance with ASA Rules and Regulations.
    • In the event that additional swimmers are required to fulfil the team requirements a Swimmer may be selected that has not recorded a registered time subject to approval of the Head Coach or appointed representative.
  4. Swimmers who regularly (minimum 1 per week) attend training or have progressed to squad via the Club will be prioritised for selection.
  5. Swimmers will be selected in each event to provide the Club with the best overall result.
  6. Swimmers will be selected on the basis of regular attendance at galas.
  7. The Team Manager must be notified at the earliest opportunity if a swimmer becomes unavailable in order to assist in finding a replacement.
  8. Swimmers who do not adhere to the By-Laws and Code of Conduct during training and when representing the Club may not be considered for selection.
  9. Team selection will be prioritised strictly in order accordance with Points 1-8.


NB. Any concerns regarding team selection must be brought to the attention of Club Official after a gala or in writing to the Club Committee.