SwimMark Club

Face Masks Mandatory For Entry + Exit For Ages 11+

We have been advised by Bury Lesiure that as from Monday 5th October any person over the age 11 must wear a mask to enter and exit the leisure centres. Please can you ensure your child brings a mask to attend their sessions. Bury Leisure rule is no mask no entry.  https://www.photogiftsnow.co.uk/discount/CLUB?redirect=%2Fproducts%2Frs-wpc-carbon-filter-face-mask-reusable-washable

Please can we also remind you to arrive for all sessions no later than 10 minutes before the start time. If you arrive at a session late and there is not a member of Covid Staff Outside you must not enter the centre. 

For anyone attending the swimming session on Tuesday please go to the main entrance but do not enter. A member of the Covid Team and Myself will be outside to meet you and take you in to the session. We will not allow children to leave on their own they must be met by an adult at the leisure centre entrance at the end of the session. 

Many Thanks
Covid Lead