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COVID Chairman Update- 02/11/2020

Dear Members,

As noted in my last Communication the Committee met tonight as usual on the first Monday of each month, but hot on our agenda was the latest closure due to the announcement by the Government on Saturday.

I therefore reluctantly and disappointingly have to inform you that in line with the Government’s latest announcement the Club will close on Wednesday evening after our Wednesday session. The Club will reopen when the Government and Bury Leisure allow. Please keep glued to your social media and email accounts for future updates.

Our Treasurer will issue a separate communication regarding payments which were made on the 1st November.

As I have repeatedly stated in the last few months a lot of work has gone in to getting us back into the pool safely and you as members have been integral to this. You really have excelled yourselves with impeccable behaviour and the will to train in such a different environment which may have been a little difficult for you to get used to. You are a shining example to us all.

We are extremely confident that once we are allowed to return we will be in a much stronger position than the previous restart and we the Committee, Coaches, Teachers and Support can’t wait to welcome you all back.

I have said it before and I’m not ashamed to repeat myself, I would again thank all those who have worked incredibly hard in the background and on poolside etc for everything you do to make this Club so great. You all know who you are.👏👏👏👏👏

I am incredibly proud to associate myself with Radcliffe Swimming and Waterpolo Club.

Finally, please look after yourselves, your family and friends. Let’s get through this together and come back stronger than before. Please keep in touch.

Stay Safe.


Chris Lord
Radcliffe Swimming and Waterpolo Club.