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May 2023- Orders For Club Kit


May 2023- Orders For Club Kit

Club kit is now available to order! Orders to be emailed to [email protected], All payments to be made direct to the Swimming Club Account.  

Bank Details- Radcliffe Swimming Club (Barclays Bank)

Sort Code- 20-16-08

Account No- 60421294

Your payment must reference the swimmers name and club kit.

All orders for the kit need to be received by Sunday 28th May so we can place the order with the supplier.


Some of you may remember that Radcliffe Swimming and Waterpolo Club had a range of Swimwear which over the years slowly faded away in to obscurity. The Committee have now reviewed a number of options and would like to introduce you to the new Radcliffe Swimming Swimwear Range which will be available to order soon. The Clubs Traditional Colours are Red, Black and White and we would like to see as many Swimmers as possible wearing the new swimwear, however, we realise that during these ever increasing costly times now might not be the right time to purchase new items. The Club is happy for any swimmers to wear any appropriate Swimwear with the exception of swim shorts and as such the purchase of the items is not compulsory.

As these items are made with the Club Badge on them we need to place an order for a minimum number of items and as such we will only be looking to place orders twice a year. (Spring and Autumn). Delivery takes about 4 weeks from the date the Club places the order.

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