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*IMPORTANT* Setting Up Your New Account


New Club Website

Membership Registration

The club has now moved away from our old web host ClubBuzz and over to TeamUnify. This brings many advantages to the administration of the club and the way we can use the wesbite.

TeamUnify also has a downloadable app 'OnDeck' which will let you view you childrens account, keep personal details up to date and more.

Setup Process

1) You should have recieved an email with the subject 'Your password to access Radcliffe Swimming & Waterpolo Club'

If you have already been able to login to your account you can go straight to step 4 and begin your registration.

Claim Account- Email

2) Select 'Claim Account' to begin the setup process


Reset Password Email

1) If you recieve an email with the subject 'Reset password instructions' from SportsEngine use this link to reset your password to continue with setting up your account instead.

2) Select 'Reset My Password' to change the password SportsEngine automaticaly assigned you 

3) Skip to step 4

Setting Up Your Sports Engine Account

3) Fill in all your details as the parent account. This account will oversee the members of your family, you can only have one account per member and so the parent account will have to be shared.

First Name can be both parents names with an '&' between the two names

D.O.B can be either one of the parents Date of Births.

Creating Your Member Account

4) Once registered on the wesbite AND logged-in you will see the 'Registrations' tab with 'Membership Registation' in the drop down. Select the 'Membership Registration' link whcih will take you to the registration of setting up your members with the club.

Membership Registration- Step 1

5) Select 'Continue or Check Status'

Membership Registration- Step 2

Membership Registration- Step 2

6) Fill in the details of your address, the parent/guardians of the members and emergency contact details and then select 'Next'

Adding Members- Step 1

7) Select the members name if they are listed or select 'Add Member' if they are not.

Adding Members- Step 2

Adding Members- Step 2

8) Please fill this in as the member making sure to fill in all boxes (Especially Doctors name and medical information fully)

When completing the Swim England Registration make sure to select 'Yes' to being a swim england member

If you are already registered as a member please type in your membership number otherwise lease this blank (https://www.swimming.org/swimengland/club-member-check/)

Select the correct catagory for your memberhip level and the activities you take part in.

Select 'Add' or 'Save' once this has been fully completed

Consent Forms

Consent Forms

9) Making sure that all members are selected please read through the terms and conditions of the club and select as requiries.

For the Photograph consent- If you do not agree to all the uses please download the concent for (Photograph + Film Consent Form) and email to [email protected] 

Once all required concents have been selected, select 'Continue' 

Confirmation Page 

10) Please make sure that all details are correct and that all members in the list are selected to be registered.

(If you have already paid your membership fees we will already have record of this just continue through checkout as normal)

Payment method should be set to 'BACS Payment or Cash Payment' (Payment will NOT be taken online, continue as normal)

11) Select 'Proceed to Checkout'

Submit Registration

12) Select 'Submit Registration' to complete the membership process


13) The membership process is now complete.