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COVID Return To The Pool Announcement & Documentation


https://youtu.be/0KNdgoISSdg - Return To Training Procedure Video (Radcliffe Leisure Centre)

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COVID-19 Operation Risk Assessment- Radcliffe Swimming & Water Polo Club



PDF Version- Return To The Pool Announcement

Closed- Lockdown V3.0

Dear Members,

Following the tier review announcement that the area is going in to Tier 4 restrictions I write to inform you that the Club will not reopen in January as planned. We await further guidance about when pools can reopen and will provide a further update when more information is available.

If at all possible you are requested to cancel your Standing Order for January. Unfortunately this is not something we can do for you. A further announcement will be made for those who have been unable to cancel their Standing Orders after our next Committee Meeting on Monday.

REMINDER: Radcliffe Swimming and Waterpolo Club will hold it’s AGM on Monday 4th January 2021 at 7.30pm (online). All full members are welcome to join the meeting and as such  if you would like to receive the link to the meeting please forward a request with your email address to   [email protected] .

Many thanks for your support.

Chris Lord
Radcliffe Swimming and Waterpolo Club.

Dear Members/ Coaches/Teachers and Support Staff,

Return to the Pool

As you are all now aware the Club has been given the go ahead to recommence training following the announcement by the Government that Pools can reopen. We have been working closely with Bury Leisure to ensure that we have a robust set of procedures in place to ensure that all safety measures are in place so we can welcome you back.

The return will be on a phased approach as initially our pool time will be restricted due to reduced opening times at each centre. This is to allow Bury Leisure time to assess and refine their procedures. This will also allow the Club time to assess and refine as well. Please be assured that it is our full intention to reopen fully as soon as we are able with swimmers and polo players returning at all levels.

Invitations have already been sent out to return to Training for the Junior Waterpolo Players and Senior Waterpolo Players and the swimmers will follow in the next two days. Please be aware that the numbers permitted in the pool are strictly limited to comply with Swim England and Bury Leisure requirements. As such we have sent out invitations to those that have returned the Health Surveys and Return to the Pool forms on a first come first serve basis. (Swimming only CL1 and CL2 Swimmers will return in the first stages). If you have not received your invitation by Friday 30th July and you feel as though you should have been invited please do not hesitate to contact the Club via our Website or Facebook Page and we will try to update you as soon as possible. If a place has not been allocated, we will endeavor to do so as quickly as possible when the sessions allow.

Whilst the Club is committed to a full return to training and teaching, we are aware that some will have reservations during these unprecedented times, particularly those who may be vulnerable to infection and have been isolating based on Government guidance. With this in mind both the Committee and I wish to stress that it is each of our members and support staff decision as to when they feel it is right to return. All our coaches/Teachers have been briefed that should a player, swimmer or a support team member feel it is not right to return they can remain away from the Club until they are happy to return. No member will lose their place within the club/team if they do not feel it is right to resume training. If anyone feels as though they are being pressured in to a return please do not hesitate to let myself or a Committee Member know.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in getting us back in to the pool over the last month, this has been a huge undertaking and I am sure all the Committee along with myself are looking forward to welcoming everyone back.


Chris Lord


Radcliffe Swimming and Waterpolo Club 




The following is intended to provide details of RSWPC procedures for a return to training in general terms for all members of the Club. Specific details in respect of some training elements will be assessed by the Coaches/Teachers undertaking the session.

Covid Lead

The Clubs Covid Lead is Yasmin Poxton – Email Contact – [email protected]

The Covid Lead is responsible for keeping the Club and Committee up to date on the latest guidance both Local and National and to ensure that the Clubs procedures are being adhered to and working effectively.

The Covid Lead will have direct responsibility for the Covid Liaison Team Members who will report back to identify good or bad practices. The Lead will also have the total support of the Club Committee and Chair and if necessary, request the removal of a member from a session who is repeatedly not following the Covid 19 procedures.

Returning to the Pool

  • Training will be by Invitation Only – No member will be permitted access to a session that has not been invited.
  • Members are requested to turn up for their session no earlier than 10 minutes and no later than 5 minutes before the start of their session.
  • No late arrivals will be permitted to join the session.
  • When arriving at the centre no entry will be permitted until the Covid Liaison has completed the register and the centre staff permit entry. The Covid Liaison will then direct the members to the poolside where changing will occur.
  • Spaces for changing will be clearly marked out and provided at a suitable social distance.
  • All Members are encouraged to use the Hand Sanitiser which is stationed inside the pool area. The Sanitiser inside the foyer is not to be used in order to avoid any congestion in this area where members of the public may be entering the building.
  • Members will be allocated a session to attend (Swimmers will also be allocated a lane). Under no circumstances will a member be permitted to switch sessions.
  • All members are requested to arrive at the pool Beach Ready. Access to the changing facilities at Castle and Radcliffe will result in the numbers being invited to join a session being reduced significantly. We have therefore decided that access to the Changing Rooms will only be permitted by prior agreement only.
  • The Toilet facilities will be open; however, these will strictly be used on a one in one out basis.
  • No Spectators will be permitted. Parents will be requested to drop the members off with the Covid Support and collect them after a session. Entry to the Centre will be restricted to enable Social Distancing and as such we request that parents wait outside.
  • All equipment must be initialled including water bottles. No sharing of equipment will be permitted and the centre equipment will not be used if an item has been forgotten.
  • All members must agree to allow the Club to provide Bury MBC with contact details for Track and Trace purposes. Bury Leisure have guaranteed that this will not be used for any other purpose.

Lane Swimming

  • Each Lane will consist of a maximum of 5 Swimmers – Lanes will be allocated
  • Swimmers will not be permitted to change lanes or overtake mid length
  • Overtaking will only be permitted at the end of the pool. Swimmers must recognise that a swimmer has caught up and allow the overtake to happen.
  • Rest periods between sets must be taken at a social distance. This will involve swimmers standing 2m apart along the length
  • When Instruction is being given by the Coach/Teacher swimmers will stand 2m apart along the length.
  • Diving is not permitted
  • Any swimmer requiring a prolonged rest period must climb out of the pool and stand at a social distance on the pool side.
  • Swimmers may be requested to complete an activity mid length.
  • A minimum 5 seconds gap will be required between swimmers for the start of each set.  Swimmers must set up in order of speed with fastest swimmers first.
  • Session Planning by the Coach/Teacher must be carried out with Covid Procedures in mind.
  • Technical Drills in the first sessions will allow for continuous movement and a reduced output thereby allowing the swimmer to swim for longer periods.
  • Kick Sets where possible should be undertaken with the face in the water.


  • The Head Coaches for both Senior and Junior Waterpolo will determine the activities that can be undertaken during a session.
  • Training will closely follow the Swim England Guidance - Returning to the pool as published and regularly updated.
  • All equipment used will be submerged for 15 seconds upon entry to the pool as per the recommendations.
  • Any Player requiring a prolonged rest period must do so out of the pool at a point directed by the Coach/Teacher in order to maintain Social Distancing.

Leaving the Pool

  • Members will be instructed to leave the pool in set groups to allow for social distancing and must leave quickly.
  • The changing rooms must not be used unless previously agreed due to a pre-existing medical condition
  • Parents/Carers are requested to wait outside the centre where the Covid 19 Liaison will direct the member.
  • Members using Castle will leave via the changing rooms and then through the foyer. Parents are not permitted in to the centre and must wait outside the centre doors where a Covid Liaison will direct the members to the parent/carer.
  • Members using Radcliffe will leave via the fire exit. Parents will be directed to this area at the first few sessions so they are familiar with the process. No parents will be permitted in to the centre.
  • Unfortunately, we will be unable to allow Members back on to the poolside to retrieve items they have left behind as the centre staff will be undertaking a cleaning process between sessions. It is therefore important that all members ensure that they have collected their full kit.

Members Health

  • The Club must be notified immediately via the Covid Lead if a member has been diagnosed or come in to close contact with a person who has contracted Covid 19.
  • No member will be permitted to train if they are displaying symptoms of Covid 19 or have been in contact with a person who has contracted or is displaying symptoms until they have either had a negative test result or isolated for 14 days. Covid 19 symptoms are as published at the time on the Public Health England Website (The PHE)


  • All Members are reminded to act responsibly both for their safety and that of others. Any Member found to be repeatedly failing to abide by the Clubs Procedures and Rules will be asked to leave the Training Session. You will appreciate that these are difficult times and your assistance in ensuring a safe return to training will result in the future increase in pool time and the potential relaxation of some measures in the future.

RSWPC – Version 3 31/07/20