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CityOfSalford- Spring Meet 2023 (Sat 18th / Sun 19th March 2023) - 3NW230207


City of Salford Swimming Club invites you to:


SATURDAY 18th & SUNDAY 19th MARCH 2023


Level 3 Short Course


Makings Waves, Creating Champions since 1977


Confirmation Pack / Important Info / Session Times: CLICK HERE

Spring Meet 2023 Draft Programme: CLICK HERE


Apply Here: CLOSED



When: SATURDAY 18th & SUNDAY 19th MARCH 2023


         Sat AM- 08.00 Warm-up, 09.00 Start

         Sat PM- TBC

         Sun AM- 08.00 Warm-up, 09.00 Start

         Sun PM- TBC

Who Can Enter? 

  • You must hold 'Club Compete' membership (Formally Cat 2)
  • Not have achieved the entry times or faster in that event within 12 months prior to the last day of the competition

Deadline for Applications

Applications must be received by the club with payment made into the club bank account by;

      Saturday 18th February 2023 (21:00)

Entry into the competition is: 

£5 per event  

Payment displayed at the bottom of the form is to be paid into the club account immediately after submitting this application.

This form will NOT take payment as it has not been set up to do so!

  • £5 per race
  • AWAY ENTRIES – via your Competition Secretary using the Sportsystems Entry File
  • OFFICIALS – We need them to run this meet from both Home & Away Clubs. Free session entry per official plus reasonable expenses. Please get in touch to help us run this meet!

Contact Kim Aitken with any enquiries at [email protected]


Swimmers must not have achieved these times or faster in that event in 12 months prior to the last day of the competition 

COSSC Entry Times 2023

1. Introduction
1.1. The City of Salford Swimming Club (hereinafter ‘the Club’) Open Meet (hereinafter ‘the Meet’) will be held in accordance with the relevant FINA/SWIM ENGLAND/IPC Technical & Judicial Rules/Laws.
1.2. Bona Fide Coaches and Team Managers requiring access to the poolside must be in possession of a Pass issued by the Club. It is mandatory that all Coaches comply with the relevant Swim England Child Protection Procedures and have an up-to-date DBS certificate.
1.3. Any question or dispute arising from these conditions or disputes related to a matter not covered in these conditions shall be determined by the Meet Director.
1.4. This Meet is open to all members of a Club affiliated to Swim England. A swimmer shall be considered as foreign if they are not a member of a club affiliated to Swim England. Foreign swimmers are eligible to enter provided that they are a member of a Club in their home country, and that country is affiliated to FINA. They should also provide adequate evidence of the validity of their entry time if requested.
2. The Meet
2.1. The closing date for entries is Wednesday 1st March 2023.
2.2. Age for the competition will be as of the last day of the competition.
2.3. Age Groups will be defined as 9,10,1112,13,14, 15/over
3. Para Swimming competitors
3.1. Swimmers with a disability shall swim under IPC Rules.
3.2. Qualifying times for para-swimming competitors are not required. However, entry times shall be submitted for the purpose of seeding the heats.
3.3. Personal Care Attendants/Coaches: Personal care attendants are permitted to accompany a swimmer if they agree so beforehand with the Meet Director. A swimmer in any of these classes may have both a coach and a personal care attendant present.
No charge will be applied for personal care attendant. Poolside passes: coaches’ passes shall attract the advertised fee. All coaches, chaperones and personal care attendants must conform to Swim England child protection procedures and hold a current CRB certificate.
3.4. Competition format: The competition format will be based on disability inclusion within the able-bodied program i.e., there will be no separate events for swimmers with disabilities. All swimmers will be seeded in the heats according to their entry times.
4. The Events
4.1. Individual events shall be 50m 100m and 200m in all strokes, plus 200m and 400m IM and 400m Freestyle.
4.2. All heats will be swum combined, and heat declared winner.
5. Awards
5.1. Awards will be made to the Top 3 in each age group plus the Multi-Class Para-Swimming British Points, except for in the 9 and 10 years category where the Top 6 will be awarded.
6. Submission of entries
6.1. The use of Sportsystems Entry Manager for submitting electronic entries is the preferred method for entry to these championships. The relevant Sportsystems entry file can be downloaded from the City of Salford Swimming Club website.
6.2. Entry fees for each event shall be £5. This includes the levy fee to Swim England per swim.
6.3. Any cheques should be made payable to: COSSC
6.4. Upper qualifying times will be applied to all individual events
6.5. Individual entry times must not equal or be faster than the stipulated time.
6.6. Entry times must be 25m times (conversions will be accepted).
6.7. Entries will be audited against the rankings published by Swim England and any club may be challenged to demonstrate the authenticity of the information provided. There will be no refunds for incorrect entries.
6.8. The Meet Director reserves the right to restrict entries in the interests of safety, time constraints and to ensure the smooth running of the competition. Where this rule is invoked, the Director will reduce the qualifying times for each event by the same percentage until the projected sessions lengths fall within licensed meet guidelines, rejecting swimmers who are outside these revised consideration times. Any entry rejected under these circumstances will be refunded.
6.9. Submitted entry times shall be used for seeding and rejection purposes as required.
6.10. Refunds will only be given where a competitor whose entry has been accepted, has to withdraw on medical grounds subject to an appropriate medical certificate being received by the Meet Director
6.11. Once an entry has been submitted improved times will not be accepted.
7. Confirmation of entry
7.1. Accepted swimmer’s details will be posted onto the website as soon as possible after the closing date for the competition. These should be used to cross check the accuracy of swimmer entries and to allow any necessary corrections to be made.
8. Meet procedures
8.1. A withdrawal system will be in operation. Competitors or their representatives must inform the organisers of their intention to withdraw at least 60 minutes before the start of the session if they do not intend to swim. Updates on withdrawal procedures can be stipulated in the Confirmation Pack.
Notification may be made by email to the Meet Director prior to the commencement of the meet. Withdrawal messages must state NAME, CLUB, and EVENT(s).
8.2. Any swimmer who has previously withdrawn can be reinstated before the appropriate closing deadline without penalty.
8.3. There will be no refund of entry fees for such withdrawals unless the withdrawal is for medical reasons in which case an appropriate medical certificate must be provided.
8.4. Should a swimmer withdraw from an event on medical grounds they will be removed from all other events to be held that day.
8.5. Heat Start Lists will be made available to clubs as soon as possible after the withdrawal deadline of each session.
8.6. Competitors are responsible for presenting themselves to the Marshalling area one event prior to the one in which they are competing. It is the swimmer’s responsibility to be at the start in time for the race.
9. Other
9.1. Photographs and Video of the meet may be taken by representatives of the promoter of the event and may be used for promotional purposes. Entry into the competition implies acceptance of this condition.
9.2. Any swimmer/team failing to comply with any of the foregoing conditions may not be allowed to compete in the Meet.
9.3. All other matters regarding the running and administration of the Meet shall be at the discretion of the promoter or their agent(s).
9.4. City of Salford Swimming Club accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to competitors personal belongings, how so ever caused, unless such damage is caused by the negligence of the City of Salford Swimming Club. City of Salford Swimming Club and the Meet Organisers are not responsible for individual swimmers on poolside and that responsibility should be taken up by an appropriate individual. All swimmers on poolside should be accompanied by a person with a coaches pass, who has had a CRB check and preferably attended a good practice course