SwimMark Club

Safeguarding Courses are supplied constantly recently within the North West but to a change in requirements by Swim England. To find availability of courses please use this link; https://swimnorthwest.org/allevents/category/filter/coaching-teaching-cpds/ Look for SENW Safeguarding and Child Protection Course.

It is required that all coaches and volunteers (dependent on role) who have regular contact with swimmers, players and divers are required to attend a Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop within three months of starting their role. A certificate from this course lasts for 3 years.  As many of our volunteers use social media, the course organised by the region will also tackle issues that may arise from coaches, players, swimmers and divers, communicating via these platforms with each other and a wider audience.

This course is suitable for all clubs looking to complete their SwimMark accreditation. Clubs are required to submit a minimum of four safeguarding certificates from the ASA (Swim England) approved course list, to demonstrate they meet the element outcome.  These certificates should represent the people who have the most regular contact with young people within the club – one of which requires to be from the welfare officer.

Swim England currently accepts face-to-face and online Safeguarding training delivered by UK Coaching.


Attendees must be a

  • member of Swim England to attend this course.
  • be over 18 years of age (candidates who are 16 may attend provided accompanied by adult on the course)


If you wish to apply for the Safeguarding Course opportunity fully funded through Radcliffe Swimming and Waterpolo Club. Please send an email of interest for the attention of the committee to [email protected] who will be in contact with yourselves on the funding of the course or speak to a member of the teaching staff at a training session for more information.