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 The age group strucutre is aimed at swimmers 9-13 years old that offers swimmers the opportunity to compete at County & Regional standard events, training with peers that have similar expectations. Swimmers will learn the skill and tactics required to compete in the full range of swimming events. The Age group structure is split into 3 squads:


County Pathway: This squad will contain individuals who are aiming at to gain county standard times. There will be a greater focus within the squad of working in a Training to Train structure. Individuals who show dedication to training and learning can expect to move up into the next two squads quickly. The swimmers in this squad will be those who have attained a good standard of technique and skills through the Development programme and who require coaching of those skills not further teaching. There will be a greater focus on providing the swimmers with an appropriate aerobic base for their biological age.

Recommended 3 - 4 Sessions a week


Age County: This group of swimmers will be those who are showing training and competing potential to move into the Regional squad. This will be swimmers who are making regional consideration times or are showing potential to do so. Movement into this squad will require swimmers to have shown that they have the desire to work hard and are already attaining a high level of session attendance already.

Recommended 5-6 Sessions a week


Age Regional: Individuals will be expected to be achieving Regional qualifying times in multiple events. Any individual making a 200/400 IM regional time will gain automatic entry into this squad. Members will be expected to be able to train at a consistent high level. It is expected that swimmers in this group will be taking a certain degree of ownership for their own development. Swimmers will be aiming to leave this squad making National times into either Performance or National

Recommended 6-7 Session a week


Squad Entrance Criteria

 The typical age of swimmers in this squad are between 9 and 13 years.

Swimmers must be able to:

  • Swim a legal and efficient 200m IM race including a racing start and the seven competitive turns.

  • Hold three 200m Amateur Swimming Association Bronze Speed Award times.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of using a pace clock.

Squad Aim

Swimmers will build an aerobic engine prior to biological maturation and be able to perform all swimming pool races demonstrating knowledge of stroke counting, stroke rates whilst holding effective stroke, start, turn and finish technique.



Swimmers motivation will come from achieving process goals as discussed with their coach in order to improve performance and the competitive outcome of each event.



 Young swimmers who achieve county and regional success plus consistently demonstrating a hard work ethic and commitment to training and competition attendance may be selected County or Regional squads. These movements into these squads includes advanced aerobic development and skill refinement.

Swimmers committed to competitive swimming that compete at county, regional or national level competition will progress into the Performance or National squad. Swimmers at the age of 14 who enjoy swimming for their club along with the social and fitness side, plus still enjoying to compete may progress into the National Pathway squad.



ASA Competitive Swimming Performance Awards Standard.


Equipment Required

Pool Training

  • Drinks bottle x2 (min 1 litre).

  • Swimming flippers.

  • Kickboard.

  • Hand paddles.

  • Goggles x2

  • Pull-buoy.

  • Snorkel.

  • Rubber band to go around ankles.

Land Training and Pre Pool

  • Correct sports trainers, shorts, t-shirt and hoodie.

  • Resistance Bands

  • Foam Roller

  • Skipping Rope

  • Yoga Matt


Competitions Throughout The Season


Individual Performances All ages

  • Club Championships (typically Sept – Dec).

  • County Championships (Feb, March)

  • Regional Championships (Apr, May)

  • Open Meets (Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Apr, May,June,July)

Team Inter-Club Gala’s

  • Dorset Novice League (Jan- Mar)

  • West Hants Novice League (Mar – Nov)

  • Southern Junior League (Apr – June)

  • National Arena Junior League ( May - July)

  • National Swimming League (Sept – Dec)

Squad Fees

All squad fees can be found on our Membership Fees page.


Squad Training Calendar

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