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 Development squad is made up of 3 swimming squads Development 1,2 & 3 which offers swimmers the chance to gain a feel for competitive swimming. Through a structured teaching programme, children will learn the competitive laws of all strokes, turns and starts whilst building a base fitness level.

By the time swimmers are reaching the top of Development 3 they want to be achieving a number of bronze standard awards from the Seagulls speed awards including 200m Freestyle and to be able to complete a 200 IM with correct skills.

Members are also recommended to attend a minimum of:

Development 1 - 1 / 2 Sessions a week

Development 2 - 2 / 3 Sessions a week

Development 3 - 3 / 4 Sessions a week


Squad Entrance Criteria

 The typical age of swimmers in this squad are between 7 and 11 years.

Swimmers must be able to:

  • Swim 50m of efficient technique in Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Breast-stroke and 25m Butterfly.

  • Demonstrate a forward, backward and log roll.

  • Demonstrate a basic dive.

  • Demonstrate underwater push, glide and dolphin kicks on the front and back.


Squad Aim

Swimmers will learn all of the competitive rules of swimming events develop a basic knowledge of training sets, rest and intervals. Development Squad assessment incorporates the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming Stages 8 to 10 along with the ASA Competitive Start Award.



Speed Assessments take place at Christmas, Easter and summer each year with emphasis being on 200m events to ensure swimmers can sustain technique. Time trials for all 50m and 25m events will also take place allowing swimmers to be selected for interclub gala’s. Speed Certificates are awarded to swimmers.

Skill Assessment is ongoing incorporating Stages 8,9,10 of the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming along with the Competitive Start Award.

Swimmers close to moving up will be asked to fast track into Age Group Squad to assist with building aerobic stamina.



The squad has two levels of assessment, initially lanes 1 and 2, then swimmers progress into lanes 3, 4 and 5.

On attaining three 200m bronze speed awards and completing all outcomes of the Development Squad assessment criteria swimmers will progress to the Seagulls Age Group Squad.



ASA Competitive Swimming Performance Awards Standard.


Equipment Required

  • Drinks bottle x2 (min 1 litre)
  • Swimming flippers
  • Kickboard
  • ​Goggles x2
  •  Pull-buoy
  • Snorkel


Competitions Throughout The Season


Individual Performances All ages

  • Club Championships (typically Sept – Dec) 9 years and over.

  • County Graded Meet (Apr).

  • County Development Meet (July).

  • Open Meets (Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Apr, May,June,July)

Team Inter-Club Gala’s

  • Dorset Novice League (Jan – Mar).

  • West Hants Novice League (Mar – Nov).

  • Southern Junior League (Apr – June).

  • National Arena League (Sept – Dec).

Squad Fees

All squad fees can be found on our Membership Fees page.


Squad Training Calendar

Click here to see when and where we swim.

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