When to Enter

The Club Events Calender is regularly updated and shows competitions and which squads are targeted to enter. 3-5 weeks prior to a competition, an entry form will be e-mailed out to members and posted on the SAST website, with information about the competition and instructions on how to enter. New members should enter competitions after experiencing a time trial or club (in-house) gala.

How To Enter

The entry form will include a program of events (including event numbers). Swimmers and parents should discuss and choose which events to enter whilst making reference to the Entry Guide on what to enter. The Entry Guide will be included on the entry form and instructs which events to enter in a manner that will best develop a swimmers experience and racing skills through different stimulus. i.e. the Entry Guide may ask that swimmers enter a  minimum of 4 swims and include a specific event or arrangement of events.

Once you have chosen the events then email the meetentries address with  the following info Name of the Competition, Swimmers Name, Event Numbers, Event Stroke and distances.

You must ensure that your when you enter the meet, that you also pay for all entries at the same time..

What Next

Competitions are obviously restricted by the number of competitors they can accommodate and therefore swimmers with the fastest personal best times are prioritised. If a swimmer does not have a personal best time for an event then one will be estimated for them by the SAST Head Coach using previous results from time trials.

When the meet organisers have processed all the entries they will circulate a swim list to the clubs. this is normally a couple of weeks prior to the start date. The swim list will state which events the swimmers have been succesful in qualifying for.

If SCR appears next to a swim it means that the swimmer has been scratched from that particular event due to so many swimmers entering with faster times.

If ALT appears next to the swim it means that the swimmer is a reserve and will not know if they have a swim until the competition starts.


We now use the PayPal facility on the entries page, and as such we request that all entries are processed through this medium

Graded Meets and Competitions with

Qualifying Times / Standards

Some of the competitions have entry times that swimmers must already be faster than or in the case of graded meets entry times that the swimmer must be slower than (Contact Us for an explanation on meets). If there are standards for a meet then the entry info will include and Eligibility Report. This will indicate which events swimmers qualify to enter. If a swimmer has a time in a box then they can enter that event. if the box is blank then the swimmer does not qualify. If the is a NT (No Time) within the box then the swimmer can enter and a time will be estimated for them.