Masters & Senior Club Squad


The motto of the Masters & Senior Club Squad is “Fitness, Fun & Friendship”.


Our sessions are coached and aimed at those wanting to improve fitness and ability in swimming


Please note that this isn’t a teaching Learn to Swim class. We would expect you to already be a competent swimmer, but we very much appreciate that it may be fitness that is holding you back rather than technique. You will be seeking to improve and if you wish, return to competition, but that’s your choice. Most Masters / Senior swimmers do not feel the urge to go to that level!


Sessions are:


  • Monday @ Prestwick 2005 - 2100

  • Wednesday @ Troon 2100 - 2145

  • Thursday @ Prestwick 2100 - 2145


The swim season follows the school year with limited ‘holiday’ training times available.


There are two membership options:


Full Membership is can be paid monthly - £23.33 over 12 months

Pay as You Go is £40 for 10 sessions (purchased in advance via our Team Unify system)


Try-out Sessions

New swimmers are welcome to up to two try-out sessions within a 2-week period before deciding whether they wish to join. Prior to attending any Try-Out sessions, you must register your interest to do so at [email protected] full details with then be provided to enable you to get started.


Equipment Required

To get started you don’t need anything other than appropriate swimwear, goggles and an unbreakable bottle with water or juice.

Once up and running such items as Kick Board and Pull Buoy are always handy to have as are hand paddles and fins when looking to advance your training.


Training Session

As with any new sport or activity Coached Swimming can be quite hard until you get your fitness and ability up to speed. But don’t worry during that period of time sessions can be scaled as needed.


Following the Try-Out sessions

If you decide to join SAST either as a Full Member or Pay as You Go you will have to make the necessary arrangements to pay the appropriate fees and complete a number of forms including a medical disclaimer, agreeing to the club Code of Conduct and membership of Scottish Swimming (which is included within your membership fees). All of these forms will be sent to you following your decision and must be completed and returned prior to starting.


All sessions are ‘closed to the public’ with 100% use of the lanes. While only a few of our swimmers choose to compete we, all exercise our inner Olympian and train as if anticipating a call up to the British Squad.

The beauty of our Masters / Senior Squad is that our swimmers vary from for-fitness only, intermediate, competitive disability, competitive swimmers: in other words, all sorts.


Generally, the fast lanes cover perhaps 1800m per 45 minute session and 2-3k per 1:15 session and others about half depending on fitness.


Membership of SAST allows you to enter Scottish Swimming Masters events including Open Water (entry fees apply) and also gives you access to occasional, focused, training, e.g. at the national training facility (50m pool) at Stirling, roughly 4 times per year (free to SAST members). Details available from

Individuals choose which, if any, of these to attend.


For those more adventurous out there a small group of members within our Masters / Senior Squad take to the Open Water to train for an increasing number of events and get-togethers details of which can be accessed via Robin and the Masters Facebook page. Please note South Ayrshire Swim Team are not responsible for anything to do with Open Water Swimming this is all done out with your membership and at your own risk and responsibility.


Get in touch to become part of the team!