2021 - SAST's 20th Anniversary!

Brian Dalgleish

Hi all,


SAST was formed in 2001 when clubs from Ayr, Troon and Prestwick merged to share resources and pool facilities to form a larger, more competitive, and inclusive club which caters for young and older swimmers of all abilities.


Since our creation, SAST has been hugely successful in numerous different areas and we would like to thank all past and current members for helping to make the club what it is today.


Once again, we would like to thank you for your continued support in what are challenging times for everyone.


Despite those challenges, we believe it is still important to recognise that 2021 is the 20-year anniversary of the formation of the club.


The committee are at the early stages of looking at what we can do to recognise our 20th anniversary in 2021 considering the circumstances we currently find ourselves in. If you have any suggestions, please feel and email [email protected]


To kick off our 20th anniversary, we will be running our first proper team competition of 2021...


Swimmers (or anyone connected to SAST in anyway) are asked to design a SAST 20th Anniversary logo. The logo can be anything... We will not be putting any restrictions on what it could be.


The team competition will work as follows:

  • All submissions will get 1 point for your team.
  • Submissions should be email to [email protected] by the close of play on Sunday 31st January 2021.
  • Logos should be attached to the email in whatever format you are able to use (JPEG, PNG, PowerPoint, Word etc.)
  • Emails should include swimmers name and team.
  • All submissions will then be whittled down to the best 4 submissions.
  • This will be decided by all SAST coaches as well as one member of the committee to ensure fairness (as it turns out our coaches are rather competitive about the team competition...)
  • The final 4 will receive an additional 5 points for your team.
  • The winner will be decided by a vote (platform to be confirmed)
  • The winner will receive an additional 10 points for their team.
  • The winner's logo will be used on our website, social media channels and numerous items (caps etc.) that we are looking at producing throughout 2021.


Please note that we reserve the right to adapt the winning design as required. This will only be completed to make it work on the items that we will look at producing. We will work with the winner to ensure that they are happy with any required changes.


We look forward to receiving all submissions and look forward to how creative our swimmers can be!


Any questions, please email [email protected] or [email protected]