Lockdown Morning Routine (for Senior Performance, Senior Competition and Junior Performance)


SAST Return to Pool Preparation - Land training session (recommended for Transition, Development, Junior Competition, Youth Competition)


Educational resources for all swimmers during the current shutdown period

Please note that this is a "live" page and will be added to over the next few days and weeks


- Mindset


Erin Robertson (former SAST swimmer):

Erin's full blog can be accessed here:


Ben Higson (Ireland National Head Coach / former coach at Dumfries and Stirling University):


Tom Bates (British Swimming's phychologist):


Jacco Verhaeren (Australian Dolphins Head Coach) on the importance for time and space:


Scottish Quality & Safety Fellows - Psychosocial images


- Nutrition



- Land training


Specific land training programmes to follow in due course (please refer to club-wide communication regarding plans)


SAST land resources

Stretching routines A & B

How to Roller - Trigger Point Release

Pre- & Post Pool routines

Press Up & Pull Up 

Specific Aerobic Development Session

Land Training Circuits 1

Land Training Circuits 2

Dive Starts Land Training Session


The Strength Lab

Recommended for Transition, Development and Junior Competition swimmers

Strength Lab are offering FREE access to ALL for the first 5 levels of their Superheroes fundamental movement platform for duration of the pandemic.

Here are the details to get logged in to Strength Lab:
User: [email protected]
Password: FightingTheGoodFight


Joe Wick

Twitter profile

YouTube Channel (workout everyday at 9am)


Jeremy Frisch

Twitter profile


Jessica Ennis-Hill

Personal Twitter profile

Personal Instagram profile

Workout Instagram page


Jazz Carlin

Twitter profile

Workout 1

Workout 2

Workout 3

Workout 4

How To Squat

Workout with swimming equipment


Aimee Willmott

Personal Twitter profile

Swim Skills Twitter profile

Swim Skills Instagram profile - with workouts


Hannah Miley

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Challenge 1