Who does what at the Club?


Away from the Pool, there are many tasks and jobs to be performed. From a Member’s point of view, it’s important that you know who to go to when you want questions answered or things done.

So, here are the main people involved in keeping the wheels of the Club in motion!
Membership Secretary

This is probably the first person that you spoke to when you joined the Club, he or she looks after getting you registered with the ASA, enrolled as a Member of the Club, and ensuring that you are equipped with all the information that you might need in dealing with the Club.

He or she may have lots of forms to fill in at first, and quite a bit of information to give you too, but it will prove useful in the long run. Go to the Membership Secretary with any questions about your dealings with the Club itself. This is also the person to tell about changes in your address, telephone or email contact details.

Club Secretary

Working directly for the Committee, this is the person that keeps the records of the Committee and makes sure that it keeps on track with all the rules and regulations that the ASA operates. Usually, he or she receives Club Correspondence and, in theory at least, is the person to approach if you want to put any ideas or views in front of the Committee.

Safeguarding/Welfare Officer

Obviously, the Club exists to allow children to learn, grow and compete. Our activities should always look to be as safe as possible for those children, and to apply all the generally accepted practices that surround children and Health and Safety. The Safeguarding/Welfare Officer pulls together all these issues and ensures that the Club stays within these rules and that children and vulnerable adults remain safe in our care.

Fixtures Secretary

The person that researches, plans and publishes the events and galas that the Club promotes every year. In conjunction with the Head Coach, the Fixtures Secretary will select the Leagues that the Club will compete in, the Open events that we will attend, and the “Friendlies” that we want to get involved in. An annual diary of events is complied and then published, both on the Notice Board and on the Website. If you want to know about forthcoming Open Meet swims, this is the person to speak to.

Fundraising Officer

This is a new post for our Committee. This person is tasked with generating funds that can supplement the annual income of the Club, and place those funds towards special projects or items of expenditure. Mostly, these funds will be used to invest in assets that can be used over a long period of time. The Fundraising Officer, along with the Sub-Committee that he or she heads, will be looking to attract funds through sponsorship, grants, or special fundraising activities that Members can participate in. This is the person to speak to if you have any ideas about how these funds could be raised, or what they should be spent on.


Not surprisingly, the Treasurer looks after the financial security of the Club, making sure that we have enough funds to both pay our bills and safeguard us from the ups and downs of life. He or she will calculate and plan our annual expenditure, work out the annual fees that are needed, and then recommend any changes that are needed to the Committee. The Treasurer is also the person that oversees the Club Shop and the manner in which the Club processes its bills and receipts. If you have any queries about your fees, this is the person you want!

Club Administrator

The person that handles general administrative tasks from handling Shop receipts and orders, to processing Certificates and Awards. This person will maintain the paper records of the Club as well as working with other Committee members to constantly improve the computerised files and systems that the Club now has in place.

Communications Officer

Again, a new post for the Club. This person is to look after the way in which Members receive information about the activities of the Club. Hence, he or she will look after the Website, the Notice Board, the Clubs communication devices and the storage of contact details for Member and swimmers. If you want anything placing on the web, then speak to the Communication Officer.

Social Secretary

From time to time, the Club stages social events that are open to all the membership, this includes the annual Presentation evening. The Social Secretary has the task of gathering ideas for such events, then putting the best ideas into practice. In the past, these have included quiz nights, picnics and Bar-b-ques. All contributions would be gratefully accepted!

Chair of the Committee

This is the person tasked with ensuring that all these people get the support that they need in order to get their jobs done. The Chair is there to plan and monitor all the activities of the Club, and to ensure that its Swimmers, and the families that support them, get the best chance to achieve their full potential in the pool.
The Chair will hear any disputes that can’t be addressed by those directly responsible for handling the query, and will listen to any ideas and feedback that come from the membership. Finally, the Chair is there to represent the Club in its dealings with all outside agencies such as the Council or Swim England.
And on Poolside . . . . .

Head Coach

The person with the overall responsibilities for the Club maintaining a competitive group of swimmers that can represent the Club in Competitions at the same time as having some fun along the way.
This person, along with the assistant Head Coaches, will examine the potential and abilities of every swimmer, drawing up plans that can help them be at, or near, their best when big performances are needed. He or she will also agree the Competition timetable, hold regular meetings with the Coaching staff, address any questions of performance that parents may have, and deliver coaching to a cross section of groups. It is also the Head Coach’s job to make sure that all Coaches are in the right place, at the right time, and in sufficient numbers, to support the training and competition timetable.

Assistant Head Coaches

These have specific responsibilities for our developing swimmers in Junior Dolphins and Main Pool. They mirror the responsibilities of the Head Coach, but with a specific view to improving the techniques and endurance of our younger swimmers.

Team Managers

Appointed by the Head Coach, these people are responsible for managing our squads at specific events, usually League competitions or Open Meets. They are tasked with selecting teams, organising volunteers to help, keeping everyone safe, and placing swimmers in specific swims.