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We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to our supporters for their generosity and kindness.  


 FINIS is known worldwide for its excellence in swimming aids and training         equipment.

 Founded in 1993 to motivate people to 'swim better, swim often and train          smarter', the FINIS Swim range now features hundreds of innovative produts designed to improve swimming technique and performance. 

FINIS have made available two amazing rewards for our Crowdfunding campaign - A Rival backpack and water bottle and the second reward includes the much revered stability snorkel, agility paddles, edge fins and a mesh bag to put it all in!.  Atlantis branded FINIS kit is available through Mailsports (click on Mailsports for direct link to the Atlantis kit page)



Weleda has been been growing plants organically and creating natural health and beauty products for almost 100 years.

Considered the original ‘green’ beauty brand, Weleda is now the world’s No.1 producer of natural or organic beauty and wellbeing products, all certified by international quality standard NATRUE.



Tiffany Afflick founder of The Cooking Yam and qualified Nutrition Advisor, has a 1st Class BSc in Sport and Excercise Science from Loughborough and has kindly donated to Atlantis SC, look out for her amazing donation on our Crowedfunder page.

Instagram: @thecookingyam, Facebook:  /thecookingyam,  Blog: https://thecookingyam.wordpress.com



Evolution Fitness           http://evolutionhorsham.com/.     https://www.facebook.com/evohorsham/.     Contact:  Sam 07973 287020  &  Liam 07769 334463


Our passion is to help our clients exceed their goals! With multiple classes throughout the week, there’s always an opportunity to work towards your fitness evolution. Our smaller class sizes and scaleable programme also means we can cater for all levels of fitness and work closely with you on your progress.


Our longstanding friendship with the co-founder of Essential Beauty, Karen, is something Atlantis is very proud. Karen not only runs her own business but keeps us all inline at Atlantis with her ability to juggle a millions jobs and still smile!   Essential Beauty's treatment and price list can accessed by clicking here .     

Essential Beauty is open 6 days a week, bookings are by appointment and include early morning and evening.  Both Karen and Kate are fully qualified therapists with many years of experience and are members of the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists.

They are based in Horsham and can be contacted through their:   website  essentialbeautysalon.com.  Email:  essentialbeauty90@gmail.com

Phone:  07745 700088



Who We Are:

Swimming is Britain's most popular participation sport; it's also one of our most successful Olympic sports.  Atlantis Swimming Club began in 1979 and is one of Sussex's leading competitive swimming clubs, with swimmers consistently achieving national qualifying times year on year.

We provide a structured, safe, motivating and friendly environment in which all our swimmers have the opportunity to realise their full potential.  So at all times we strive for excellence; aspire to success; recognise and celebrate endeavour - and we never forget the importance of having fun along the way.

We offer swimming training and competition for all ages 7 and above.  In total (pre Covid) we delivered over 40 hours of training per week under the leadership of the Head Coach and a skilled and experienced team of coaches.  Atlantis is affiliated to the South East Region of Swim England and also holds the SwimMark accreditation.

Apart from competitive swimming, we are lucky enough to offer:  Flamingos Artistic (synchronised) Swimming and Horsham Amateurs Swimming Club - HASC, teaching all ages to swim and a pathway to the competitive side of the club, who came under the Atlantis umbrella in 2018.  This is our #swimfamily

What Are We Trying To Achieve?

We all have the same focus:  To achieve a growing, thriving club, to ensure swimming is accessible to all children, young adults and masters.  We recently extended our growth campaign and succeeded over a 2 year period to grow the club membership by 20%, that's 65 members and we have in place measures to grow by a further 35% (more than 100 members) over the next 3 years, this would take into consideration the natural process of swimmers who leave for University or to pursue other interests.  Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic this recruitment drive has been suspended.  

Our main wish is to ensure we attract swimmers of all ages and abilities, to encompass and welcome members from across rural Sussex and nearby towns and villages.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our training programme dramatically and although we have been lucky enough to recommence training, we still do not have all of our swimmers back in the water and those that are, are on a vastly reduced training programme.  We have also, as previously mentioned, suspended our recruitment drive and are unable to accept all those interested in joining due to the restrictions we have on pool time and guidelines we have implemented to keep our swimmers, coaches, volunteers and centre staff safe.

We are, quite simply, trying to keep Atlantis SC swimming and going and to see our artistic and swimming lesson team back in the water, but we can’t do that without help.

What Makes Our Project Great?

Over two thirds of our 324 members are children, aged 7 & over. Whether they love to compete, learn a new routine in artistic swimming, or are just learning to swim, aquatic sport has loads of health benefits for our children.  It is not just a sport for life but an arena where children learn to develop important life skills such as social engagement, resilience and determination.

They may well be rivals in the pool on race day, but poolside, the camaraderie helps develop lasting friendships.  Spending up to 15 hours a week with their swimming squad, team mates support each other through the lows and the highs of tough training, competition successes and life outside of the pool. 

This support network is vital to the success of Atlantis, it helps swimmers of all ages cope with demands of many hours of training and with their academic studies which are of paramount importance.

We aspire to inspire our athletes new and old.  To give young children, adults and masters a chance to join a swimming club; to have fun, enjoy competing and benefit physically and emotionally from this rewarding sport.

Our Story:

Over the competing season, Atlantis hold 3 Open Meets, one in Winter, Spring and Summer and inside the qualifying window for major regional and national competitions, they are always well attended by visiting swimming clubs and spectators and provide the essential funds needed for us to survive.  As a not-for-profit organisation, these meets are essential for us to fund the club’s financial commitments throughout the year.

With no competitions for the foreseeable future and limited pool time, we are having to review our funding strategy. We can only flourish if we can hold our regular competitions and take on new members, although we have a lot of local interest in joining the club we are unable to accept all applicants at the present time. This is due to the number of hours we have in the pool and the Covid-19 restrictions we have in place.  

We are operating on reduced membership fees alone and without the fees of new members and the income from our open meets we are in a fight for survival.

Our story continues with our volunteers;  

As a Club we rely on our volunteers to manage the club, run events and assist with the coaching. Volunteers are active across all aspects of the club, from coaching to management and administration.

We believe that volunteering for the club is the best way to support swimmers.  It ensures that club money is only spent in areas such as facility hire, equipment, coaching leadership and training.  We rely on the members and their families to provide their skills to the club where they can be most effective in order to keep the costs of a quality provision affordable for all the swimmers.

And, of course, our swimmers:

Training and competing at this level demands a huge amount of resilience, commitment and dedication from those who participate and those who support them. We are proud of all our swimmers achievements and regularly produce Sussex County and Regional Champions. Our swimmers have also competed at the British Nationals and have been chosen to represent Sussex at the Inter County Championships. 

We have built up a strong tradition of competitive swimming in the South East. Having previously won the Sussex League and been awarded promotion to the Premier League. Members of our artistic team were crowned 2019 England Champions at the National Age Group Competition.

Our Junior swimmers have lifted trophies at local level and are set to for great success! 

What Happens Next? 

Please be part of Let's Keep Atlantis Swimming. Support, pledge and get involved in our project to enable funding to see us through this pandemic and to secure our future, until such time, we can commence our competitions once more.   Your support will help us to:  increase our pool time to ensure all our swimmers are back at training,  expand our membership and welcome new swimmers to this rewarding sport and ensure swimming is accessible to all those that wish to take part.

If you’re not able to contribute with a pledge, but would love to support Atlantis in other ways, please help us get the word out! Shout about us on Facebook https://facebook.com/AtlantisHorsham, instagram @atlantisswimmingclub,  twitter @AtlantisHorsham and, WhatsApp the link and talk to your friends and family and forward the email it to your colleagues.

Feel free to get in touch, if you are able to offer a reward or have any reward ideas that aren't currently on here.  THANK YOU - We appreciate these are difficult times for everyone and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that supports Atlantis SC and our #swimfamily.


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