HASC LogoWe are delighted to welcome on board the long established Horsham Amateurs Swimming Club.

Bringing this new arm to the Atlantis portfolio allows us to extend our teaching element and bridge the gap between 30-45 minute lessons and a competitive coaching programme.

As the club expands, we are on the lookout for new talent and are keen to offer the opportunity for swimmers to come for a trial. Those successful are able to attend 30 minute sessions a couple of times per week in preparation for joining our Foundation squads when they are ready.

This exciting new partnership sees HASC continue to teach independently and offer a programme for those who have finished their levels to maintain their skills.

If you know anyone who might benefit from swim skill development, please ask them to contact [email protected] for more information.

Hello to everyone from HASC (Horsham Amateur Swimming Club)

All about HASC

We are a non-competitive club run by a team of voluntary teachers and helpers who are dedicated to helping everyone to learn, progress and enjoy the essential skill of swimming. From school age to adult, non-swimmer through to grades, all are welcome to join.

We are very proud of the individualised care and attention we are able to give to our swimmers, allowing everyone to grow in confidence and learn at their own pace.

Our pool time is every Monday evening with various classes from 19:00 through to 22:00 and further sessions with Atlantis where appropriate. If swimmers wish to challenge themselves further, there is the option to explore both synchronised and competitive swimming with Atlantis.

History of HASC

We are a historic part of Horsham with early archives in the West Sussex County Times dating back to 1937 when we hosted a schools gala in the open-air pool which was situated where the Pavilions in the Park now stands. Post war, in 1947 we boasted a record number of memberships and in 1952 the headline 'Are You in the Swim?' documents HASC completely taking over Tuesday nights at Horsham’s outdoor pool.
The club continued to prosper and eventually moved to the then newly built Pavilions in the Park.

Meet the team

Many of our teachers and helpers have been associated with the club for a number of years including one of us who learnt to swim with HASC in the open air pool!

We are a very keen group and encourage our swimmers and older helpers to progress and move towards taking their own teaching exams.

We have 4 level-two teachers and another one due to qualify in Summer 2018.

HASC is inclusive for the whole family both in and out of the water. We are fortunate to have many families who all take an active role in the success of the club from admin to management, committee to teaching.

Along with brother and sister Sam and Olivia, we also have Jasmine a full time swimming teacher, the Baker family having two teachers and two helpers poolside and the Moulden family with two teachers and one helper, to name but a few.

We all have a great love of swimming ourselves and realise the importance for young children to be safe, confident and enjoy water based skills while progressing through the levels.


We are here to help and will happily talk through any needs you have and organise a free trial session so please do get in touch via [email protected]