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What are the Squads?

Barking and Dagenham Aquatics has 8 Squads to help develop swimmers of ages 7 - 18+. These are:

Platinum; Gold; Silver; Bronze; Diamond; Sapphire; Emerald and Future Stars

How would my child progress through these Squads?

On the right, there is a handy flow chart to show this. The 'Gemstone Squads' are the squads for our slightly older swimmers. After going through the ASA Stages 1-7, the best young swimmers (aged <8) are picked up by our Future Stars programme to speed through the latter ASA Stages. After around 12 months in this programme, swimmers are urged to move forward into their career either through our 'Metal Squads' or 'Gemstone Squads' depending on their age and performances. All other squads in our programme are fully controlled by their dedicated coaches, with each squad having their own minimum standards and goals.

More information on each specific squad can be found in their section.