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What is Sapphire Squad?

Swimmers in our Sapphire Squad are finding their identities within the world of sport. Within this squad, work ethic and attitude are the prime directives that allow for success. Utilising their skills that were the foundation of Emerald, Sapphire swimmers are tasked with perservering daily through moderately intense sessions whilst maintaining balance with the obstacles of life at this age.

Sapphire Squad Goals

To qualify for Counties

To aim for Regional Qualifying Times

To improve Endurance and Strength appropriate to swimming

To gain knowledge of the Scientific side of Sport (e.g. Proper Nutrition)

To understand the need for setting goals and promoting a positive mentality 

To develop values for all walks of life, such as; Perserverance and Commitment, Respect, Self-Respect, Focus, Sportsmanship and Sacrifice

Sapphire Squad Size

20 Swimmers

Sessions per Week (Under Current Restrictions)

Up to 4 sessions, with a minimum of 4, 60 - 90 Minutes Each

Age Range (Guidelines)

11 - 14 Years Old

Monthly Squad Fees

£43.55 per month

Minimum Requirements to Enter Sapphire Squad

Swimmers must be aiming to gain County Qualifying Times

Swimmers must have shown subjective qualities required by the Coach, such as, dedication and respect

Further Information

Sapphire Squad Training Times and Expectations