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Silver Squad CoachWhat is Silver Squad?

Swimmers in our Silver Squad are building towards becoming skillful swimmers. The focus of this squad is to enhance the skills gained through their experiences so far and applying them to competitions. Passion is the vital component here, in order to ensure the success of swimmers never stops. The programme puts an emphasis on evolving skills whilst building up strength and endurance through invigorating sessions.

Silver Squad Goals

To compete for County finals

To strive for Regional qualifiers

To build Endurance and Strength appropriate to swimming

To begin to understand the Scientific side of Sport (e.g. Proper Nutrition)

To understand the need for setting goals, promoting a positive mentality and strategy to improve race results

To develop values for all walks of life, such as; Perserverance and Commitment, Respect, Self-Respect, Focus, Sportsmanship and Sacrifice

Silver Squad Size

20 Swimmers

Sessions per Week (Under Current Restrictions)

Up to 5 sessions, with a minimum of 5, 60 - 90 Minutes Each

Age Range (Guidelines)

9 - 13 Years Old

Monthly Squad Fees

£48.71 per month

Minimum Requirements to Enter Silver Squad

Swimmers must have obtained a County Qualifying Time

Swimmers must have shown subjective qualities required by the Coach, such as, dedication and respect

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