Welcome to your future

Welcome to the Get Involved section where BDSC are here to help you and the club go further. Whether you are an experienced swimmer or someone who has in them to develop yourself or just like to help the club, then you have come to the right place. Read on to know about how you can volunteer, gain your Duke of Edinburgh, or gain qualifications in the swimming.


How Can I Get Started?

Bletchley & District Swimming Club is run by a network of Volunteers, dedicated to support the Club in assisting with the administration, development and progression of the Club for which it's members are sincerely grateful to.  Without this support we really would not be able to call ourselves a 'Club' or operate as efficiently.

Our volunteers are parents, guardians, grandparents, senior swimmers and even parents whose children have long left the club.

If you are thinking of helping out in any way, we would be very interested in hearing from you, whether you can spare time adhoc to assist with gala duties or are willing to join our Committee or train to become an Official we would like to hear from you.  It is our goal to provide support and training as required and assist with attending courses and qualifications if necessary. Scroll down for information about what is out there.

We appreciate that everyone has busy lives, however please do speak to a member of our Committee to have a chat to see how you might be able to help and how we might be able to help you.


What Kind of duties Can I Do?

There are many positions that we need our Volunteers to help with that can be Technical or Non-Technical.
Teachers / Coaches, Poolside Help, Offical Timekeeper, Official Judge, Official Starter, Official Referee, Admin Functions, Gala -Announcer, Gala -Recorders, Gala -Runners, Gala -Door Money & Programme Sales, Gala -Door Sign In/Registration, Gala -Marshall / Steward, Gala -Raffle Organiser, the list goes on...

We always welcome volunteers so if you do not see any posts that you would like to fill or are not sure how you can help then please contact us to have a chat.


Be Part of the Committee

The organisation and operation of Bletchley & District Swimming Club is the responsibility of its committee. The committee is charged with organising the efficient running of the club. All committee members are elected to their posts, but offer their time freely as volunteers.  ​The duties of the committee are wide ranging and encompass all aspects of the clubs administration such as finance, membership, welfare and child protection, pool hire, liaison with external organisations, organisation of club galas, arranging club/swimmer entry into competitions, sponsorship, and of course supporting the club’s coaching team.

On the second Monday of the month (except August - Summer break) the committee meets to discuss any issues related to the running of the club. They discuss both long-term issues in a planning capacity as well as smaller more immediate issues that arise during the course of the swimming year.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held to summarise the state of the Club and to elect new members for any new committee positions. 


Be Part Of The Bigger Picture

Volunteering does not stop at Club level, it carries through to County Level, Regional Level, National level and even International Level. Many of our volunteers attend meetings, seminars and organised events at all levels, taking in all knowledge and experience that goes on inside the world of swimming. Speak to a member of our committee for more information.


Can I Develop My Skills?

We recognise that supporting our Volunteers is essential, therefore we endeavour to develop individuals that are keen to progress by attending training courses or by being mentored to assist in this. There are a number of volunteer training opportunities available to help make sure your volunteers have the right skills to fulfil a role within the club environment. For information relating to courses/qualifications please contact the a member of our committee or scroll further down for more information.
And for further information...