Our coaching model can be expressed at top level through a mission statement and a supporting coaching philosophy.

Our mission

To provide a friendly and stimulating coaching environment in which all swimmers have the chance to achieve their maximum potential.

Our supporting coaching philosophy is based upon:

  1. The application of sound sports science principles to the coaching of technique and physical conditioning.

  2. A rolling programme to educate swimmers in the technical requirements, including nutrition and psychology as appropriate.

  3. A recognition that talent alone is not enough – hard work and commitment are an essential requirement to reach maximum potential.


  1. The coaching model at grass roots level is implemented through a strategy based upon the principles of Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD).

  2. The club’s overall program is carried out within a squad structure with each squad coach applying the principles of LTAD as appropriate for their respective squads.

  3. Coaches meetings are held regularly to decide upon squad changes and to review progress. Meetings occur at least once per (A squad) training cycle.

  4. Squads below ‘A’ , implement continuous rolling training programmes throughout the swimming year ie: single periodisation.

  5. Coaches maintain registers in order to monitor attendance.

‘A’ Squad Programme

  1. Entry into A squad is on merit – a regional qualifying time is normally required – and a commitment to carry out the required programme.

  2. The head coach meets individually with each squad swimmer at the start of the swimming year (September). This will be a time consuming exercise and all swimmers should have their goal setting talk by mid-October (around six weeks in) - certainly before the first scheduled meet of the season (Arena League not included). Goals and an action plan to achieve these goals, are agreed between the swimmer and head coach. 

  3. The training timetable consists of 1.5hr and 2hr sessions totaling a maximum 13.5 hrs per week. In addition a 2hr long course session is held once a week - subject to pool bookings.

  4. The training programme, or the Annual Plan, is periodised into three macro cycles corresponding approximately to school terms. The conclusion of each macro cycle will usually be a targeted meet.

  5. Within each macro cycle, meso cycles focus on a specific objective.

  6. The smallest cyclic training unit is the weekly micro cycle.

  7. The head coach holds a squad meeting at the start of each macro cycle to review progress and to outline the plan for the coming cycle.

  8. Land training sessions are held once per week, beginning at Challengers squad level.

  9. A competition plan is initiated at the beginning of the competitive year and reviewed at each coaches meeting.

  10. All competition results are stored on a computerised data base and published on the NDSC web site in a current ranking list.

NDSC Supporting Coaching Documents

NDSC Land Training Programme

  1. Land Training body weight exercises for Challengers and above.

  2. Land Training Sunday pm – warm up, Circuit and Core Stability work, stretching – B squad and above.

  3. Weight Training for A squad (15+) subject to gym access.