Codes of Conduct

10 Dec 2018 - 14 Jan 2019
January, 14 2019



Codes of Conduct

This event is being used to gather swimmer, parent and volunteer sign-up to the NDSC Codes of Conduct. 

We are hoping to achieve Swim England SwimMark accreditation soon and this requires the Club to have members, parents and volunteers signed up to the appropriate Code of Conduct.  SwimMark is a 'standard' for swimming clubs.  Similar standards are used in other sports and in the not too distant future all swimming clubs will be expected to have achieved the accreditation in order to hire facilities. 

You may view each of the Codes by clicking on the relevant attachment below. 

All swimmers, parents and volunteers are required to sign up in order to continue with Club membership and participation. 

We ask that parents of swimmers under 18 look at the Code of Conduct with their youngster and ensure that they understand its contents before accepting on their behalf. Acceptance of the swimmers code of conduct indicates acceptance of the parents code of conduct.

The Codes of Conduct are very closely aligned to those found in the Swim England Wavepower document and are binding on all members and parents.

Use the Edit Commitment - Attend/Decline button above to register your decision.  

There is a deadline for sign-up of 7th January 2019