Most of the items that will be needed for training and competitions may be obtained from the club shop, which will be open on Thursday evening at Northcroft between 6:15 and 7.30pm.
Although not essential, most swimmers prefer to wear goggles in training. Goggles prevent the eyes becoming sore after long exposure to chlorinated water as well as enabling clear vision particularly important when swimming in galas. Goggles are frequently a problem to novice swimmers. They may come off when diving in, they may leak or they may simply be uncomfortable. Goggles tend to be an individual thing; what suites one person may not suite another and (beware!) the most expensive is not always the best. The trick is to persevere, find the make and style of goggles that you are happy with and stick with them!

All swimmers need a kickboard and flippers. As swimmers progress from Cruisers up through the squads pull buoys are also used increasingly as a training aid for concentrating on pulling technique and strengthening the arms. Hand paddles and finger paddles tend to be used by older swimmers in A/B/Youth/Masters squads to develop power, although swimmers in Challengers are allowed small hand size paddles as an introduction to their use and to help with some aspects of technique.

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