Club Kit

All swimmers need a kickboard and flippers. As swimmers progress from Cruisers up through the squads pullbuoys are also used increasingly as a training aid for concentrating on pulling technique and strengthening the arms. Hand paddles and finger paddles tend to be used by older swimmers in A/B/Youth/Masters squads to develop power, although swimmers in Challengers are allowed small hand size paddles as an introduction to their use and to help with some aspects of technique.

  • Bags £30

  • Hats unnamed £6

  • Hats named £8

  • Mesh kit bags £10

  • Pullbuoys (Junior) £6.5

  • Pullbuoys (Senior) £8.5

  • Kickboards £10

  • Paddles (Strapless) £17

  • Paddles (Hand) £10

  • Fins £18

  • Maru Pulse Goggles £12

  • Team Shirts £25 – this includes embroidered name

  • Club Hoodies £25 – this includes embroidered name

  • Certificates and Badges £3

Please note that all named items must be paid for when ordering.
Payment can be by cash or cheque


Second hand fins are available at a cost of £8 – limited sizes are available

The shop is open from 6.15pm to 7.30pm on Thursdays at Northcroft unless there are timings on.

Jill Crane currently runs the shop and she can be contacted on [email protected]

Named Hat Purchase

Named hats can be ordered when the shop is open and cost £8.  Orders are batched into at least 25 before sending off to the manufacturer so it may take several weeks for your hat to be available.

Hats can be collected, when they have been printed, from the shop at the above times or by arrangement with Jill ([email protected]). You will be notified when they are ready.