The Squad Structure Consists of Seven Squads:

Cruisers and Sprinters are the so called development squads. The emphasis here is on acquiring the basic swimming skills, although many swimmers at this level do take part in internal club competitions and novice meets.

Challengers is the first of the competitive squads where the majority of the swimmers are regularly competing in competitions. This is reflected in the workload which is significantly more than that experienced in Sprinters. Sessions consist of a mixture of endurance training, stroke technique, drills and start turns skills. Land training is introduced in Challengers and is strongly recommended for the serious competitive swimmer.

Cruisers, Sprinters and Challengers are usually known collectively as the junior squads. Progression through these squads is by acquiring the necessary skills and a set of squad entry criteria exists for entry into each squad. Parents are more than welcome to discuss squad changes with the squad coach. Above Challengers – the senior squads – we have a branched squad structure. This system was introduced in order to cater for the fact that swimmers at this stage of their career are likely to have varying degrees of commitment as well as technical skills. From here on progression through the squads depends very much upon commitment and enthusiasm as well as ability. For those swimmers who decide that they do not want to commit to the rigours of the A squad programme, Youth squad is the natural progression. In general B swimmers progress to A squad. Likewise some swimmers may move (or be moved!) from A to Youth if the criteria are not maintained

Finally we have Masters squad. There are no entry requirements apart from the fact that you need to be able to swim as we don’t cater for non-swimmers within the squad system. Over the years we have entered a number of Masters competitions and actually done quite well. All are welcome from novice up to top competition level.