Season 2018- 2019

Open for Returning Members

01/09/18 - 31/08/19

Open for New Members

01/09/18 - 31/08/19


Welcome to the Newbury District Swimming Club registration for new swimmers who completed a trial and returning swimmers renewing their annaul membership

If you would like to arrange a trial please use the 'Contact Us' button at the top of the website.

Working through the registration forms for New Swimmers:

1. If you already have swimmers at the club, please select your existing account, to add the swimmer, if not please select the new user option
2. Under Billing Information, the name should be the parent, or person that is responsible for paying the membership charges, you will add an individual swimmer name later in the process. This name effectively becomes the account in our system.
3. Please enter as many details as possible
4. Under 'Member Selection' You must click to add a swimmer to your account
5. Under the medical information, please use the fields to enter any important medical information, such as allergies, medicines and any other information you think the club and coaches should be aware of.
6. At the end you will be asked payment of your Annaul Membership fee. This is taken via our Debit/Credit Card System.  All Age Group swimmers will have their monthly Squad fees taken from the same card.  This is mandatory for all swimmers other than Masters, so please don't skip that step


Reneweing membership for existing Members:

1. Login to your account. Click-on the check status/ continue button below.

2. Check all your membership information is up to date - Address, Emergancy contact numbers. Email

3. Select all members you are renewming membership for and update any of their medical information 

4.Select the type of membership they require under "Register to this Group"

5. Agree to all the policies and codes of conduct.

6. At the end you will be asked payment of your Joining or Annual membership fee This is taken via our Debit/Credit Card System.