Guidance for Cruiser sessions at Brockhurst

Steph Holland

Guidance for swimmers at Brockhurst

This is for Curisers squard -  our swimming lessons are not yet starting back we are hoping to get these up and running in October.

You must book all your sessions online to ensure we do not exceed our capacities for sessions.  Your swimmer must not enter the school until at least 10 minutes before the session commences, there is limited space for swimmers to wait poolside.

Before the session

Do not go to a training venue if you currently have any illness symptoms or have been in contact with a known Covid-19 case in the last 14 days or are self-isolating in line with government guidelines.

Please take your temperature before travelling to the session:

If your temperature is above 37.5 please stay at home and self-isolate.

If your temperature is below 37.5 please travel to the session.


Travel to the sessions

Please remember to follow the government guidelines on travel:

  • Try to limit use of public transport and if you need to use this remember you must wear a mask
  • Car sharing is only allowed by members of the same household or those in a support bubble


On arrival to the session

Swimmers should ‘check in’ with the Covid-19 session helper at the school viewing area/conservatory entrance or with the coach and confirm there are no negative responses to following heath questionnaire as below. 

On checking in and being marked down on the register you are declaring that:

The swimmer has not been in contact with someone with Covid-19 for 14 days or have any of the following symptoms:

  • cough     
  • fever > 37.5 degrees
  • shortness of breath, chest pain or tightness
  • abnormal fatigue
  • abnormal muscle or joint pain
  • loss of taste or smell
  • diarrhoea, vomiting or nausea.

Please note that the register will be used as a record to aid track and trace if required. 

Once answered assuming no negative responses, the swimmer will be able to enter the school.   Leave 2m if waiting for someone else to finish with the Covid helper/coach.

Parents should leave the swimmer once safely checked in, you are kindly asked not to congregate in the carpark.

The swimmer will then make their way to the pool.  There is a one way system in place with entry by the swimming pool door (conservatory/viewing area) and exiting via the normal changing room door.

Enter the pool if told to do so or line up poolside keeping 2 meters apart from coaches and swimmers.

Swimmers should arrive to the session ‘beach ready’, i.e. in a tracksuit or onesie that can be easily removed with costume/jammers underneath.  If your swimmer needs help with hat, please do this before they enter the centre.

Swimmers should remain at a distance of at least 2m from coaches at all times.

As with other centres there should be no spectators.  Only coaches and the Covid-liaison for the session should be poolside.


Swimmers should complete any dry side warm up before arrival into the school at there is not room to do this poolside.

Hand sanitiser is available in the viewing area, changing room exit and poolside please use.

During the sessions

Single lanes will be used by swimmers in these sessions which is permitted by Swim England renewed guidance.  Although the current guidance from Swim England allows up to 8 per lane to run the sessions as safely as possible for our swimmers and coaches, we will be operating at a lower capacity with a maximum of 6 in a lane for each session.

Please remind your swimmers they must keep 2m from other swimmers to stop further back if there is a swimmer at the end.

Sets will be designed to limit ‘waiting around’ and will take into account swimmers have not been in the pool since March. 

Coaches must be obeyed at all times.

When poolside for any briefing’ swimmers must stay 2m from the coaches and other swimmers.

Please ensure swimmers have their own equipment and that it is clearly named and clean this down at home after use. 

There will be no equipment loaned or to be shared between swimmers due to the risk of transmission of Covid-19.

Toilets may be used on a one in one out basis to avoid overcrowding.


On completion of the session

At the end of the session’s swimmers will be dismissed lane by lane to stagger their exit.  They should collect their bags and following the one-way system to the changing rooms.  Showers will not be available.    

Swimmers should change very quickly to minimise the time spend in the changing rooms. 

Swimmers will exit the changing room via the normal changing room doors.

Parents are asked to wait outside rather than in the changing room reception due to the limited space in reception.    

Please keep 2m apart from other parents and try not to congregate. Swimmers must come back immediately if they cannot see you parked or waiting.  We ask that you are respectful to our coaches and arrive on time to collect your swimmer.

If you have any further questions, please email