Return to training.....

Tony Woodward

After Boris and his band of merry men announced the end of the current restrictions from next week, we can confirm that we will be returning to training from Wednesday, December 2nd. Both Northcroft and Hungerford sessions will resume as per pre-Lockdown2. Once again, we will be asking for swimmers to sign in as you did before. Please, not signing in prior to the session may mean you're not allowed to swim irrespective of numbers in the pool - this goes for all squads.

We will also be asking swimmers to adhere to the pool guidelines regarding social distancing, one-way systems etc. This did drop off a bit last time so please get back to it as you would expect others to be with you. 

Kennet sessions will resume from Thursday, December 3rd with the morning session and Brockhurst sessions from Saturday, December 5th.

Wishing you all well