Welcome to 2021 - Emma's brilliant virtual land training is back

Steph Holland

Dear all,

Hopefully you and your family had a restful christmas break .  A very Happy New Year to all of you.

It is both sad and frustrating to be under lockdown once more but I think its clear there was no other option.  We will get back to the water as soon as possible but in the meantime we will offer our virtual land training to all members and their families.  We would really love for everyone to join these as it helps keep a base level of fitness as well as enabling us to support our coaches as much as possible through these times.

NDSC Online Land Training sessions - Take 2 Part 2

Purpose and platform for the sessions

With the pools currently closed NDSC wish to offer our swimmers the chance to carry on some land training activities to keep fit and remain connected to our club and coaches as we did earlier in the year.  Emma Harris will run these session.  For those that did not get involved before, these sessions were very popular and to set your mind at ease Emma offers an easier version for most exercises allowing all abilities to take part, including parents.   It is aimed at all swimmers form Cruisers to Masters and we really encourage everyone to take part to keep a base level of fitness to build on when we get back to the pool.  

This will be completed using live video land training sessions via FaceBook 'NDSC Nov 20 Land Training' page.  This is a private/closed group and you can only see the contents when accepted to the group by the admin team.  The swimmers will see Emma live but she cannot interact directly with the swimmers.  We hope most of you will join us in these sessions.  If you have any questions or concerns please let us know by replying to this email.   

As well as the live sessions, we will also post the video of the workout to this site after the session.  This will remain in place for use at any time until the next live session.

For ease we will keep those sign ups made in November 20 ongoing, therefore, no action required for those families if you wish to continue, it is however, threfore really important that you respond to this email if you signed up in November but no longer wish to take part and you will be removed from the groups.

Timings and charges

There will be a monthly £20 charge per household to those members that do register onto this event which will cover the period of lockdown, if we go back mid-Feb which looks to be the earliest possible date them the month being prorated, i.e. £10 for half a month etc.  This charge is cover the costs of the coach in planning and running these sessions.  If you sign up to this event, the monthly charge will automatically be will be charged to your account on the first of the month in arrears, so January will be charged on 1 February.  

Sessions will take place 3 times a week starting tonight (5 January), with sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays until futher notice.  These will be a 6.15pm and are typically around 40-45mins.  We took a poll on time of the sessions and this was the most popular, however, in recognition this will not suit all families, as noted above, the video will remain on the site for use until the next session enable you to access at any time.

Written permission

Swim England have specific guidance on virtual training and request that clubs obtain written consent for athletes to be involved with such sessions.  As such, we have noted the safety advice and guidelines below for you.  We ask that you sign up to these, details on how to do this are below, and you are also acknowledging by joining any session you are accepting these on behalf of yourself and your swimmer for that specific session.  You will not be given access to the FaceBook page without signing up to these guidelines.


Safety of our participants is paramount. By undertaking the training the swimmer / parent for U18s is confirming to the coach that the athlete is fit and healthy for that intended training, if in doubt seek medical advice and do not join.

You must ensure that:

  • A responsible adult is in proximity of the athlete at all times to deal with any issues that arise and to stop the athlete training if there are any health / safety concerns.

Ensure the environment is appropriate for the training you are undertaking by considering the following for your swimmer:

  • What is the floor like? Is it safe and will it stay so when wet?
  • Is the area well ventilated?
  • Do they have a mat?
  • Can they exercise outside?
  • Is there furniture they may bump into—can it be moved?
  • Have they got enough space to exercise safely?
  • Are there any trip hazards?
  • Appropriate clothing should be worn including suitable footwear, no jewellery etc.
  • Always have a water bottle to hand, the athlete should stay hydrated.
  • Keep pets and any other distractions away during exercise.

NB: Any equipment used should be wiped clean before and after use


For informal feedback you can comment in the comments section of FaceBook.

If you have any specific problems or fuller comments you wish to feedback please email [email protected]

Joining the sessions

As explained above you must give written consent and every time you log into a session you are declaring yourself/swimmer fit to join that day and you are responsible for following the above guidelines you have signed up to. 

If you wish to join these sessions please take the following 2 actions:

  • Sign yourself/swimmer up to the event ‘Virtual Land Training Take 2 Part 2- Permission Sign Up’ on our website.  This is under team events on the home page.  Click attend/decline on the right, click on your swimmers name and in the declaration box say sign up and then save changes. Any problems with this please e-mail [email protected] for assistance.  By signing up to this you are agreeing to pay the £20 monthly charge.

  • On FaceBook find the ‘NDSC Nov 20 Land Training’ group and request access.  Once you have completed the above sign up you will be given access and this page will be used to share the content.  You then go to this page to join the live sessions.

As noted above if you signed up in November your approvals will remain in place but if you not longer wish to take part please let us know by replying to this email so you can be removed from the site and  you won't be charged.

We really hope you enjoy the sessions.

NDSC Committee and coaches