August swimming

Steph Holland

Dear all,

After the sad news last week we had to share about our pools not opening we are pleased to say that we have now managed to secure some pool time in August at Crosfield School in Reading.  Information on this has been provided to those that registered to swim in August previously.  If you did not register but are now interested please see the details below.

Otherwise we will be back in contact with all members when we have further information about our normal pools opening. 

Best wishes

The committee


August swim sessions at Crosfield school

We are very pleased to announce that we have been able to secure some pool time at Crosfield School on Shinfield Road in Reading. 

We appreciate these arrangements won’t suit all of our members due to the times and location (more details below), but Legacy Leisure has made it clear they have no intention of opening their pools until at least September and so this is the only option for us to be able to get swimmers into a pool in August.

We do now have to move fast, however, to secure this time so we ask that you please read all the details below carefully and sign up (under the events tab on the website) by the end of Friday.  Sessions for next week have been added and we will add the remaining one’s shortly.

For those that have signed up to land training that may clash with a new swim session you will be contacted separately with an option to cancel your land training space if you wish to swim instead.  This will only impact Groups 1 and 2 on Wednesday August 5th.


We will offer 3 sessions a week for groups 1 and 2 and 2 sessions a week for groups 3 to 5. These groups will roughly be aligned to squads.  1 session will be offered to youth and masters.  Any youth swimmers who had moved from main squads during Feb/March can sign up to train with their old squads and others with Challengers should they wish to.

The cost of the session will be as follows:

Group 1 and 2 - £8.50 per session

Groups 3-5 £6.00 per session

Main squads

This is a summary of groups and expected times. Please be aware that if you are in a second or third session of the day your start time may change to an earlier time if demand is limited.  We have 2 coaches per session so will be able to deal with different abilities in the sessions by lanes.

Group 1

This will be A squad and some of B squad (B squad members will be contacted separately if you are to be in this group).

8-9.30am Mon, 9.30-11am on Weds and 8.00-9.15am Fri.

Group 2

This will be B squad and Challengers with siblings in A and B squad to allow parents to limit the days they need to travel to Reading. Youth can also sign up for this session, but cards cannot be used for these sessions. Payment will be taken on signing up.

These sessions will be 9.30-11am Mon, 8-9.30am Weds and 9.15-10.30am on Fri.

Group 3

Challengers 8-9am Tues and 10-11am on Thurs.  Youth can also sign up for this session, but cards cannot be used for these sessions, payment will be taken on signing up.

Group 4

Sprinters – 9-10am Tues and Thurs.

Group 5

Cruisers 10-11am Tues and 8-9am Thurs.

Masters and youth

As noted above youth can swim with either group 2 or 3 – but must stay with the group they pick for the whole month due to our need to create swim bubbles.

We could not secure any evening slots for master’s sessions but will be in contact if that changes.  If you want to join a group as the times do work please let me know and we will see if we can arrange for you to swim in that group, but you will need to pay for the sessions, cards won’t be able to be used. 

Teaching programme

Unfortunately, we cannot get this up and running at this time.


The sessions will take place at Crosfields School, Shinfield Rd, Reading, RG2 9BL.

This is a 5 lane, 25m pool.


As noted above you can book this via our website.  On the home page under team events or under the events tab at the top go to the list of events.  You will see these groups listed by appropriate squads.  Click on the pink ‘Register Online’ button for the one you wish to register for, click the green ‘continue or check status’ button.

You will be taken to your account details; you can update contact details if required then click continue at the bottom right.  The next screen will take you to the list of members.  Click on the member you wish to sign up.  Update any medical information as required.

You can select any other swimmer from your account here too and repeat the steps.   

Read and agree to the health questionnaire and tick to confirm agreement.  Confirm that you have read these instructions and talked your child through the rules and procedures.  Then click continue.  Please note all club policies and procedures continue to apply.  You will be shown the registration fee for the session and can then proceed to the checkout to pay.

Events are set up for registration which allows a capacity of 25. Based on the interest previously shown in August swimming we believe we should have enough space for all swimmers wishing to swim and are therefore hoping to not disappoint anyone wishing to join.

In signing your swimmer up for a session you are declaring that you understand that there is an increased risk with training at this time due to Covid-19. As you will see we have put measures in place to minimise this risk but as you will appreciate there is still a risk.

Athlete fitness


If you swimmer has any underlying medical conditions or has had Covid-19 during this time of inactivity you should consult with your GP about returning to activities and follow their advice.

Before the session

Do not go to a training venue if you currently have any illness symptoms or have been in contact with a known Covid-19 case in the last 14 days.

Please take your temperature before travelling to the session:

If your temperature is above 37.5 please stay at home and self-isolate.

If your temperature is below 37.5 please travel to the session.

On arrival to the session

On checking in and being marked down on the register you are declaring that:

The Sswimmer has not been in contact with someone with Covid-19 for 14 days or have any of the following symptoms:

  • cough     
  • fever > 37.5 degrees
  • shortness of breath, chest pain or tightness
  • abnormal fatigue
  • abnormal muscle or joint pain
  • loss of taste or smell
  • diarrhoea, vomiting or nausea.

Please note that the register will be used as a record to aid track and trace if required. 


Travel to the sessions

Please remember to follow the government guidelines on travel:

  • Try to limit use of public transport and if you need to use this remember you must wear a mask
  • Car sharing is only allowed by members of the same household or those in a support bubble



There is parking available on site, please respect the 5mph speed limit and park in the sports centre car park. 

The sports complex is the first entrance for the school off of Shinfield Rd, if coming from Shire Hall side.


On arrival please use the hand gel outside.

Swimmers should ‘check in’ with the Covid-19 session helper outside the centre (this will be one of our volunteers wearing a yellow club t-shirt) and confirm responses to the heath questionnaire, as noted above.  Once answered the swimmer will be able to enter the centre using the sports centre entrance.   Leave 2m if waiting for someone else to finish with the Covid helper.

Parents should leave the swimmer and are asked not to congregate in the carpark.

The swimmer will then turn right and follow the one system to the swimming pool which is clearly marked with arrows.


They will head through to the spectator area which is poolside.

The coach will be pool side and will direct them to drop off their bag for drying and changing in the ‘drop bag’ area which is clearly marked.

Enter the pool if told to do so or line up poolside keeping 2 meters apart from coaches and swimmers.

Swimmers should arrive to the session ‘beach ready’, i.e. in a tracksuit or onesie that can be easily removed with costume/jammers underneath.   Changing rooms will not be available.

Swimmers should remain at a distance of at least 2m from coaches at all times.

We would ask for limited spectators so will encourage parents to take a walk or wait in the car.  Only coaches and the Covid-liaison for the session should be poolside but if you have siblings waiting for the next session you may wait. There is, a maximum of 8 spaces for spectators.  They must sit within the 2-meter markings as family groups, on the middle step to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to.

Swimmers should complete any dry side warm up before arrival into the centre.

During the sessions

Single lanes will be used by swimmers in these sessions which is now permitted by Swim England renewed guidance.  Although the current guidance from Swim England allows up to 8 per lane to run the sessions as safely as possible for our swimmers and coaches, we will be operating at a lower capacity with between 4-5 and a maximum of 6 in a lane for each session.

Sets will be designed to limit ‘waiting around’ and will take into account swimmers have not been in the pool since March. 

Coaches must be obeyed at all times.

When poolside for any briefing’ swimmers must stay 2m from the coaches and other swimmers.

Please ensure swimmers have their own equipment and that it is clearly named and clean this down at home after use. 

There will be no equipment loaned or to be shared between swimmers due to the risk of transmission of Covid-19.

Toilets may be used on a one in one out basis to avoid overcrowding.


On completion of the session

At the end of the session’s swimmers will be dismissed so as to stagger their exit to collect their bags and leave the pool area. 

We are asked to try to not use the showers and changing area unless there are specific circumstances that make this necessary.

The school ask that swimmers cover up and leave immediately if possible and do not wait for others. 

Swimmers will leave via the fire exit which leads into the corner of the carpark.  Please park over this side so your swimmer can see you. They must come back immediately if they can not see you parked.  We ask that you are respectful to our coaches and arrive on time to collect your swimmer.

If you have any further questions, please email [email protected].