A Squad Criteria

Squad coach – Tony Woodward


‘A’ Squad should be composed of highly motivated swimmers who are willing to commit themselves to as close to 10 hours a week as possible. The recommended age to enter ‘A’ Squad will be 12 for girls, and 13 for boys although younger swimmers showing potential may be offered a place at the Head Coach’s discretion.

Training attendance

Training consists of 3 elements:

  • Short course Swim training;

  • Long Course Aldershot training; and

  • Land training.

Core swimming sessions are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday evenings and Saturday afternoon at Aldershot. Attendance at core sessions gives 11.5 hours. The morning sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday mornings provide an additional 4.25 hours of swimming and these sessions can be used to allow an extra evening off if necessary.

Swimmers are expected to attend the weekly long course training at Aldershot and under no circumstances should attendance at long course training be less than 50% of offered sessions in a month.

Land training is provided on Sunday nights at 6-7 and this should be attended by all swimmers to improve core strength. Swimmers who turn up to swim training on Sunday night having not attended land training should not expect to be allowed to swim.

Competition attendance

Swimmers must attend club events when selected for the team, i.e. Arena league.

At least six external competitions must be entered each year as per squad open meet program. Over-competing is likely to prevent further development. Squad places will be jeopardised if this is compromised.

Motivation of swimmers

Swimmers are expected to maintain a positive attitude and must try their hardest in all sessions. This can be demonstrated by meeting the times set by the coach for session sets and progress towards their annual goals.

This will be constantly monitored and swimmers not committing to the squad program will be moved to a squad more relevant to their commitment and ability levels.


Required performance levels

All swimmers in A squad will ideally have South East Regional consideration qualifying times. The seasons qualifying times are normally issued in late October. As per SER rules, all times must be obtained at a licensed meet (L3 and above).

    • Under 16 must have times in 100m or above. 

    • 16 & over must have times in 50m sprint or above

Squad representative

There is a squad representative for each squad who is the first point of contact for parents for any questions. They also send out any relevant information for the squad. You will be given the details of who your representative is when entering the squad.

Review of squad members

Continuation in ‘A’ Squad is at the discretion of the Head Coach based on performance, attendance and attitude towards the training program.

Any swimmer who has a long-term injury is highly likely to be moved to another squad. Swimming in a less pressurised environment has been proven to help with a faster, better recovery. 

Performance levels alone will NOT guarantee a place in ‘A’ Squad.

The above is at the discretion of the Head Coach at all times and special circumstances may apply.

Kit Required

Club Kit Policy