Club Captains

At the start of each competitive year (autumn term) the club selects a girl and boy junior and senior club captain. Junior (12 and under) captains are chosen by the coaches at the start of the competitive year. Candidates for senior boys and girls captains are nominated by the coaches and ratified by the committee.

See what your current captains have to say about their roles and ambitions for the coming year.

Junior Club Captains 2018 - 2019


Boys - Chistopher Emberlin                                   Girls  - Kirsten Fraser

Senior Club Captains 2018 -2019


Girls - Ruth Wyatt

Boys - Luca Vicaria

Previous Club Captians

Senior Girls Senior Boys Junior Girls Junior Boys
2017-18 Ruth Wyatt Ellis Dixon Oliva Bevan / Eloise Wade Archie Shanahan