Youth Squad Criteria 

Coach: Freyja Barlow, Fiona Crane

Youth Squad is a squad for swimmers who aren’t able to commit to the main training program due to injury, school commitments etc.

Attendance and commitment is down to the individual as there are no set restrictions. Swimmers will still be encouraged to attend these sessions and continued technical and competitive skills will be taught to those that require it. Swimmers in this squad will be selected for team galas if they wish to be considered and should they meet the desired level for the gala. Competitions will be offered as in line with the main squads providing qualifying times and meet conditions allow. There are NO restrictions on competitions for members of this squad.

The following guidelines will be applied to swimmers in the Youth Squad;

  • There are no restrictions or limits to training with this squad although attendance would still be encouraged. 
  • A decent attitude to ‘doing the job’ at each session rather than just a social gathering.
  • Competitions are available to all should they wish to carry on competing.

Squad aim is; 

  • Offer continued training to all swimmers who are unable to commit to the main squad program.

Movement to/from this squad will be at the discretion of the Head Coach after consultation with the squad coach, based on stroke technique and skill levels along with performance, attendance and attitude towards training. 

Swimmers should be no younger than 14 years old to join this squad although some circumstances may mean younger swimmers are offered a temporary position in order to recover from injuries, etc.

The above is at the discretion of the Head Coach at all times and special circumstances may apply.