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Swim England have arranged special Civil liability and Personal Accident Insurance in respect of any activity recognized and/or authorized by the Association anywhere in the world.

The cover embraces all Officials, Staff, Advisers, Committees and all members of affiliated Clubs (UK residents only) whilst participating in any Swim England approved activity. These are listed as:

Training for competitive swimming

* Competitive Swimming
* Social activities
* Fund-raising activities
* Administrative activities

The cover includes Civil liability, Personal Accident, and Legal Expenses. The club also purchases Employers' liability Insurance.

Within Personal Accident insurance there is cover for death, loss of limbs, disablement which precludes attending work and reimbursement of emergency medical costs.

If members wish to participate in any activity under the auspices of Nova Centurion SC which is outside the core activities relating to the disciplines of swimming which we traditionally offer, which includes Open Water Swimming, advice should be sought from the Club Secretary in order that any requirements of notification to the insurers can be fulfilled.

Full details of the scheme can be found in the current on the Swim England website.

Nova Centurion Swimming Club, Notts ASA and all other Swim England affiliated Nottinghamshire clubs are covered by this scheme. Clubs retain a certificate of insurance, underwritten by Howden.

Any queries or enquiries, please email Club Secretary Michelle Parkins.


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2023 - 2024 Summary of Insurance Cover