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There is a requirement for swimmers to inform the ASA and British Swimming regarding any medication that they are taking.

A form must be returned to the ASA by all swimmers who are competing at international level and also by all swimmers who compete in national events run by British Swimming, ASA, Scottish or Welsh ASA's.

The form must be completed whether you are taking any medication or not - medication includes any vitamins and supplements. For your information, the guidelines from British Swimming can be viewed on their website under 'Forms' -

This means that any swimmer with a National Qualifying Time for the Age Groups, Youth Championships or Open Championships must send in a form to the ASA. To ensure that this is not overlooked, all swimmers on Nova A and B Squads should send in a form.

As the instructions explain a new form must be sent in each year, or whenever there is a change in medication. A new form will be provided to all members each year with their AGM information, and they can be obtained during the year through the Squad coaches or downloaded from the British swimming website.

Please note that the forms should be returned direct to the ASA. This is the responsibility of the swimmer, and for those under 18 years, the parent or carer. Also Theraputic Exemption Forms (TUEs) are only required by international team members.

This decongestant is back on the banned list as of 2010. It is an ingredient found in cough mixtures and also sold as SUDAFED tablets. As cough mixtures have almost no benefit I would advise avoiding them altogether. Other cold "remedies" may include pseudoephedrine, the GB doctors are suggesting stick to paracetamol.

Anti Doping (Video)
UK Sport anti-doping video: http://www.ukad.org.uk/videos/

Global Drug Refence Online
The Global Drug Reference Online (Global DRO) - use this to check the status of specific medications based on the current World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List. If you're not sure, check it before using it!

Link: http://www.globaldro.com/Home