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Nova Centurion & PlayerLayer

Notice to all Members: 

As many of you will be aware, QSW are no longer in business, and as a result we have had to research our options. 

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Nova Centurion are now teaming up with PlayerLayer. Nova are delighted to be joining forces with the Nottingham based company that shares many of the same values as us. We look forward to a long term partnership with PlayerLayer! 

We are pleased to report that the delivery time for kit is 10-15 days from ordering, which offers a much quicker turnaround on team kit than previous suppliers. There are multiple options for delivery service, which can be viewed online. All products ordered go directly to the member. In addition, sizing guides are on their website, and are available for you to view.

You will notice that there are four different tabs on the website. Men/Women/Juniors & Coaches.

Each tab has a specific items of kit that are available for you to purchase. 

The Performance Tee will become the main piece of apparel. The Tee and Backpack can both be personalised with your initials too. 

Should you wish to place an order for any kit, please follow this link - https://playerlayer.com/teams/nova-centurion-swimming-club.html

Alternatively, you can follow this link - https://playerlayer.com/, and type in Nova Centurion Swimming Club in the search box. Both options will take you to our Club store.

You can also gain access through our website. Please select the about us tab, and then select the Nova Kit - PlayerLayer option.

You can also select the PlayerLayer command button on the homepage of our site!