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Coaches and Directors

Coaches and Directors

Coaching Staff
Nathan Hilton Director of Coaching
Glenn Smith Head Coach Mansfield

Glenn Smith, Swim Coach & Development Officer & Head Coach--Mansfield Squad


Glenn has been coaching with Nova in Mansfield for over 20 years, and has coached Swimmers to National and International Success, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Glenn has coached Paralympic Champions Ollie Hynd MBE & Sam Hynd and Paralympic Medalist Charlotte Henshaw, and talent id and developed Rebecca Adlington as an age group swimmer. He has also placed Swimmers on World Class Able Bodied Programmes and International teams and coached numerous National Age group & Youth medalists.

Joe Stanford Nottingham A Squad Coach
Michelle Preston Nottingham B1 Coach
4ffe35db90d94c6041fb8ddf7b44df29 72b20cda8130b6d38994e45882701d3d B2 & Mansfield B/Dev Coach
Tom O'Reilly Nottingham Development Coach
Alishia Palmer Nottm Dev Assistant Coach
Paul Marlow Newark Development Coach
Dave Baguley Mansfield B & Dev Ass. Coach
Sarah Dunsbee Water Polo Coach
Tim Dunsbee Water Polo Coach
Cara Dunsbee Water Polo Coach
Thomas Wall Water Polo Coach
Board of Directors
Josie Grange Chairman
beabe6c3951b36ed582e4320b122ec4f 8e818eec76f639bc5f5002abae729966 Secretary
Nathan Hilton Director of Coaching
Rachel Boneham Welfare Officer
4ffe35db90d94c6041fb8ddf7b44df29 72b20cda8130b6d38994e45882701d3d Workforce Co-ordinator
Josie Grange Membership Secretary
Sarah Dunsbee Water Polo Co-ordinator