Bicester Blue Fins

Swimming Club (Est. 1950)

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Our Blue Fins Academy is the entry point for many young swimmers to our club and consists of five stages with swimmers working through the programme and graduating from Academy 1 to our Junior Development Squad.

We would expect an Academy 5 swimmer to be confident in deep water and be able to swim 10 metres unaided on their front and back. Swimmers will be working on skill development, technique, and stamina throughout Academy.

By the time our young athletes graduate from Academy 1 they will be able to swim 200m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and 100m butterfly and a 200-metre individual medley. In addition, they will have developed racing skills, be tumble turning consistently and be consistently displaying a strong underwater phase.

We require our young athletes to attend 85-100% of their training sessions with a positive mindset and display attributes of a good team player (polite, supportive, and caring).

From Academy 2 upwards, swimmers will be encouraged to enter our Annual Bicester Blue Fins Club Champs. Academy 1 swimmers (if aged nine and above) will be encouraged to attend additional Open Meets and Galas such as Diddy League.

Our Lead Academy Coach is Charlotte Inness.